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This week’s Florida commercial aviation news

With much of the nation dropping all Covid restrictions (whether this is wise or not can be debated) and the rising costs of fuel, airlines are emphasizing re-ramping up service to business markets like Boston, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Therefore additions to Florida are limited and as we’ve talked about previously the […]

Squeezing Tallahassee – debuting Monday March 21, 3pm with special guest Rep. Anna Eskamani

Following the most ignominious Legislative Session since I have been following the legislature (the mid 1990’s), we launch our new Twitter program, Squeezing Tallahassee, which will be a critical and progressive look at Florida politics and lawmaking. For our first show, Rep. Anna Eskamani, a tireless champion of the most important causes for Floridians will […]

The Stono Rebellion, Runaway slaves, free African-Americans and the start of the War of Jenkins Ear

In the fifth installment of our Albion Florida podcast series, we discuss runaway slaves from the Carolina’s coming to Florida, the tension along the Florida-Georgia border following the formation of Georgia, free African-Americans founding Fort Mose and the initiation of the War of Jenkins Ear. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts […]

Mission San Luis Church Video

Happy 95th Anniversary Pan Am! Remembering FDR’s first Presidential flight, on Pan Am from Miami

Today is the 95th Anniversary of the founding of the greatest name in aviation, Pan American World Airways. The first Pan Am flight was from Key West to Havana. We discuss Pan Am’s history also discuss President Franklin Roosevelt becoming the first US President to take a plane flight, flying overseas to the wartime Casablanca […]

95th Anniversary of Pan Am – the Florida rebirth of 1996

In September 1996, less than five years after the original Pan American World Airways had made its last flight (December 4, 1991 from Barbados to Miami) a new airline with the classic name took the skies. The airline was a marriage of the estate of the defunct Eastern Airlines and Florida Businessman Chuck Cobb who […]

Welcome to the world of the performative, non-ideological DeSantistans and the “faux” left

Governor DeSantis has attracted a legion of dedicated followers nationally. They claim they are conservative, but in reality follow their leader as meanders all over the political spectrum from hard-right, to hard-left with very few stops in-between. DeSantis is hard-right when it comes to cultural issues, with an ideology resembling the most fierce religious conservatives […]

VIDEO: Falling Waters with narration

While attacking China, LG Núñez makes the case that Florida should be China

A simple way to do this is to share my tweets on the subject:

Breeze opening three new Florida destinations and other commercial aviation news

New service to Fort Myers, Sarasota and Jacksonville begin this summer, as David Neeleman’s latest airline venture really takes off. Neeleman is a self-confessed fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but continues to maintain a strong relationship with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, whose engagement with Neeleman at his various stops in the industry have […]