While attacking China, LG Núñez makes the case that Florida should be China

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  1. How sad. Jeanette and I were working for legislators in 1996. She very reasonable and unpoloraized. What a disappointing change.


    1. She was working for DLP who voted with the Dems half the time then. Once she broke out on her own she was bad news. It’s been like this for years with her.


  2. […] Governor DeSantis has attracted a legion of dedicated followers nationally. They claim they are conservative, but in reality follow their leader as meanders all over the political spectrum from hard-right, to hard-left with very few stops in-between. DeSantis is hard-right when it comes to cultural issues, with an ideology resembling the most fierce religious conservatives but on economics, he’s always ready to trade free market principles for performative art, attacking big tech and “woke corporations”, while restricting how companies can regulate their workplaces in this state and most recently, having his administration openly undermine the idea free speech when it comes to politics. […]


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