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Smithsonian Channel to show “Aerial America – Florida” tonight at 8pm ET

The Smithsonian Channel’s Aerial America series stops in Florida tonight with an airing tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT. I have already seen the program  having watched it when it debuted late last year. As a fan of the Aerial America series, I was thrilled the Florida version was so contemporary and versatile. Unlike previous programs […]

Flashback Friday: Apollo 8

This week in 1968 one of the most important space missions in history launched from Cape Canaveral. Apollo 8 was the first ever space mission to leave the earth’s orbit and to circle the moon. In the process they became the first humans to see the earth as a whole planet from space. It took […]

Could the Tampa Bay Rowdies become South Florida’s team?

The Tampa Bay Rowdies have had a big week. Coming off a season where the team struggled, new management has quickly made several moves including a raid on the rival Fort Lauderdale Strikers who were inches away away from winning the NASL title last month. The Rowdies announced five new signings between Monday and Wednesday. […]

How many historical sites does your county contain?

The above map shows the distribution of officially designated National Historical sites by Florida county. Not surprisingly, Miami-Dade which has been home to Florida’s most metropolitan city for a hundred years has by far the most with 172. However, somewhat surprisingly Volusia County has the second most designated sites with 101 and Sarasota is third […]

Thursday Bookshelf: A Land Remembered

In the event you are scrambling for a late Florida-themed Christmas gift, I have a suggestion. A Land Remembered is perhaps the most fascinating historical fiction book about the state of Florida. No book describes old Florida and the transformation to modern state quite like A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith. The author who was […]

Florida becomes 3rd most populated state – some thoughts

When Florida became the nation’s 4th largest state in 1987, I was ecstatic. As a young kid I will admit I had an inferiority complex with many areas from the rest of the nation who got more attention on TV, had more pro sports teams and where all my relatives lived. Boasting about Florida’s size, […]

Wednesday open thread

Sound off on any topic and Happy Holidays!

Record number of Florida Panthers killed in 2014

Florida’s endangered Panther population suffered a record number of deaths this year. 30 panthers have been killed this year in Collier and Hendry Counties, and an alarmingly high 21 have been killed in road accidents. The decline in habitat for the Panther thanks largely to recent development further east in Collier County is at least partially […]

Tuesday Poll: Democrats Brand

Republicans can be easily identified as a largely anti-tax, anti-government party. By contrast,  the Democrats lack the sort of easy labeling that the opposition has developed.

Florida Democrats at a crossroads: The moderate voter myth

Much has been made recently of the need for Democrats in Florida to “engage moderate voters,” in the wake of poor electoral performances in 2014. No question exists that moderates have a role to play, particularly in rural areas where the party has seen a complete collapse in support since the mid/late 1990’s. But it […]