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The Most Important Legislative Race in Modern Florida History

With the legislative session in full swing the time is right to look back at what I consider the most important legislative election in past-1968 Florida.  At the time it was the most expensive election in Florida legislative history. The first million dollar legislative race on record. It was probably also one of the most […]

Zest of the Day: Speaker Weatherford’s Education Perspective

A thought provoking interview piece from State Impact/NPR including many of the Speaker’s outside the box type proposals.

Outside the Groves: Cinderella Dances in Estero, But Are Big Time Sports Worth it For Florida’s Non-Legacy Public Universities?

The nation has been riveted by the recent run of Florida Gulf Coast University’s basketball program. Ironically a few weeks ago when I posted to Twitter a picture of myself at the Alico Arena (FGCU’s home arena) as the home of “giant killers” (Florida Gulf Coast shocked ACC Champion Miami earlier in the season) people […]

Zest of the Day: Jeb Bush, Let States Decide Gay Marriage Question

More repositioning/flip-flopping by Jeb bush. From Newsmax.

The Politics of Oranges

This weekend I took a trip to St. Augustine with the USF chapter of the National Political Science Honor Society. This year is the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida. Our faculty advisor, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and über Florida political analyst Dr. Susan MacManus, chose America’s oldest city as […]

Expectations For Speaker Weatherford Were Too High

At the outset of session I wrote a glowing piece about Speaker Will Weatherford, and his ability to transcend the petty partisanship that the Republican majority has inflicted on the legislative process since 1998. But Weatherford has gotten off to a bad start as Speaker, misrepresenting his family’s benefiting from the Medicaid program, speaking like […]

Zest of the Day: The Curious Case of Marco Rubio, Amnesty Flip-Flopper

Excellent read from Mediaite.

Heard it Through The Groves: Some Investors Feel Office Depot Needs to Remake Image

Editors Note: Heard it Through The Groves is a section of the Florida Squeeze strictly for rumors and gossip. We require two sources to verify information before we publish it but these are NOT news stories but simply rumors. We urge our readers to treat rumors with a pinch of skepticism as we do. Earlier […]

National Airlines Helped Fuel 1970s Florida Growth

The 1970’s were a glory era in Florida politically and economically. Tourism and job growth exploded while the economy diversified. With visionary leaders like Governor Reubin Askew, the state projected an image of efficiency, smart growth, environmental consciousness and most of all paradise to the rest of the country. One company that benefited from Florida’s […]

Zest of the Day: Politico, The luckiest pol in America, Charlie Crist

Today’s Politico article is an insightful. It touches on some of the issues we have highlighted previously as well as some other issues we’ve avoided discussing on this site. It is well worth a read.