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The Crist Files: Charlie Crist and school “choice”

Many leaders of Florida’s Teachers Union have made it clear that they find Governor Charlie Crist, now seeking a return to the office he quit four years ago an acceptable choice. While it is entirely possible Crist’s views on education have evolved swiftly over the past few years, his record is very poor especially when […]

Parent Trigger: A Grassroots Movement?

In our recent three part series on school “choice” legislation we dissected the funding mechanisms for the campaign to push school vouchers in Florida, particularly John Kirtley’s “All Children Matter.” I regret that we did not list those bankroll nor discuss “Parent Revolution” a California based group that implies it is a grassroots oriented movement […]

How Will Rick Scott’s Lurch To The Middle Impact the GOP Sense of Entitlement & Unity?

This week one by one the other members of the Florida Cabinet voiced displeasure with Rick Scott’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion. While Scott clearly can read public opinion polls and seems to have taken some steps to reinvent himself following a poor elections cycle for core Republican issues (best evidenced by the failure of ideologically […]

School “Choice” Part II: Democrats About Face

Editors Note: Today we continue our three part series on School “Choice” legislation with part II. Part I can be found here. The legacy of Bob Graham, Reuben Askew and most recently Lawton Chiles in fighting extreme right wing efforts to hijack our public schools was effectively undone not only by Jeb Bush and his […]

School “Choice” Part I : The Agenda and History Behind Vouchers

Editors Note: Today we begin a three part series on School “Choice” legislation.  This week Senate Democrats all but conceded defeat in the fight to stop the infamous “Parent trigger” bill since the dynamics of the Senate have changed with moderate, free thinking Republicans replaced Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over six years ago, […]