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TFS supports Orange County Rent Stabilization initiative

Orange County voters have an opportunity on November 8 to help local residents cope with the rapid increase in costs of living in a tangible manner while helping the state’s economy from potential contraction. Florida has seen escalating rent and property insurance costs, which impact Floridians negatively, while insurance companies, landlords and corporations all profiteer […]

Florida Vote Projection Model – Day 14: GOP sees slight bump, but this race is still close.

With the overnight numbers now in, Democrats actually saw a loss in projected vote. However, the Enthusiasm Gap didn’t have much of a swing. So what does that really mean? Does this help Democrats or Republicans? Let’s delve into the numbers. Turnout Summary: So far, 2,041,138 people have voted in this election, which is a […]

Queen of Transparency not so Transparent – More on Mayor Teresa Jacobs

On Friday, we discussed the lawsuit filed against Orange County by Organize Now with the assistance the First Amendment Foundation.  Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs whose major issue in her 2010 run for County Mayor was “ethics and transparency” in government has once again demonstrated how entitled a politician she has become. Mayor Jacobs response […]

Lawsuit Being Filed Against Orange County for Public Records Violations

Today, Organize Now filed with the assistance of the First Amendment Foundation, a lawsuit that seeks immediate relief for violations of Florida’s open government laws by Orange County. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is at the center of the controversy as the filed suit seeks to answer questions about who has access to the mayor’s Dropbox […]

Orange County primary turnout increases thanks to local efforts

We spilled lots of proverbial ink on Orange County’s Vote Local effort including guest columns by Stephanie Porta and Debbie Simmons . The effort culminated with a remarkable increase in early and absentee turnout for the August 26th elections. Overall turnout increased by over 33%, while turnout among Democrats increased by 63%. This owes itself not […]