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Identity politics IS modern global politics – A brief historical overview of how & why we got here

At this website we’ve railed time and again against what we see as the shallow game of identity politics. It’s a game that allows those advocating it to avoid meaningful discussion of issues related to policy and governance. It’s a game that pits race against race, ethnicity against ethnicity and religion against religion. However, it […]

Want an insight into Trump’s America? Look at Modi’s India

Donald Trump now famously said a week and a half ago at a rally thrown by Indian-American Republicans that he is a “big fan of Hindu.” While many in the media seized on this remark as humorous proof of Trump’s cultural ignorance, I saw it as something very different. A clear attempt to link with […]

Monday Musings – 100th birthday celebrations, US Senate race, Jacksonville city elections and Fort Lauderdale Strikers title run ends,

I spent this past weekend in Kochi, Kerala, India for my grandfather, VR Krishna Iyer’s 100th Birthday celebration (He only turned 99 on Saturday but the way Indians count birthdays is to count the day you were born as your first birthday). My grandfather is a former member of the Madras State Legislature, the Kerala […]