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DWS and Cannabis – What is behind her position?

The indispensable Marc Caputo has opened up a can of worms for DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz with some excellent reporting the last two days. Caputo’s groundbreaking Thursday piece described the difficulties Wasserman Schultz has both with her DNC post and potential run for US Senate due to her bizarre positioning last year on […]

Hopes for Amendment 2: Up in Smoke?

When the constitutional amendment to bring medical marijuana was first discussed in the state of Florida, it was assumed it would be a huge advantage to the Democratic nominee because it would boost turnout and bring a huge advantage against Rick Scott.  As recently as three weeks ago, there was a series of stories about […]

Monday Musings: FEA Endorses Crist, Matt Gaetz’s reefer madness, Infrastructure development, Anti-Americanism and Islam in India post election , RPOF (again) obstructs redistricting investigation

The Florida Education Association endorsed Charlie Crist for Governor on Saturday. The recommendation was long expected. The state’s teachers’ union has been concerned about the continued assault on public schools under the Scott Administration and the current legislative leadership. However, many activists have questioned the FEA’s endorsement based on Crist’s previous record on issues related […]