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Could dissolving Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District hurt Everglades & Kissimmee River restoration?

Governor Ron DeSantis has fashioned himself a champion of Everglades restoration and on some scores he’s done far better than his predecessor (not that that was particularly hard given but…he’s done well on some stuff). For example, without DeSantis tireless advocacy, I doubt the vital Tamiami Trial project would be so far along or as […]

The Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve

One of Florida’s great (and most unique!) natural treasures is Blowing Rocks Preserve in Martin County which is maintained by The Nature Conservancy. We’ll be running a series of videos on Blowing Rocks at The Florida Squeeze’s YouTube page over the next few weeks. Here are our first two:

Video: Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach Area

The Times (of London): Don’t look down: flight over Everglades shows scale of climate destruction

I don’t love posting things completely behind a paywall but The Times had a really compelling article about the Everglades and Climate Change this past week. It’s even more compelling when you consider the general conservative bent of the newspaper.

Highlands Scrub: A Florida Desert

The Highlands Scrub Natural Area is in Broward County and resembles a Florida desert.

Shady Ridge Natural Area video

Shady Ridge in Coral Springs is a hidden gem in an urban area, not far from the Ramblewood East Condos.

Recently released TFS nature short videos

Florida Squeeze natural Florida videos

Over on our YouTube page we’ve been featuring videos about natural beauty in Florida over the course of the last few months. Here is a sampling:

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Mangrove Trail

Hillsboro Pinelands at Kristin Jacobs Natural Area

The Hillsboro Pineland Broward County park was recently renamed for the late County Commissioner and State Representative Kristin Jacobs, who was the county’s leading conservationist in public office. Here is a video of the boardwalk trail. This is the first of several videos of the natural area.