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Trump’s South Carolina Boeing visit an insult to organized labor

On Twitter, I threw out the feeling that I thought President Trump was visiting the Boeing facility in South Carolina to highlight American manufacturing jobs because it was non-union. Funny how Trump is visiting Boeing’s union-busting South Carolina facility not the one in Washington. — Kartik Krishnaiyer (@kkfla737) February 17, 2017 //   I’ve theorized […]

What we are reading: Stephen Bannon’s words and actions don’t add up

This article is particularly interesting when expanded upon during Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program on CNN. Stephen Bannon and Donald Trump have been for a generation enabled by a break down in traditionalism even though they have made a case that they are the guardians of America’s traditionalism. Here is the full column from The Washington Post. 

Trump’s foreign policy – lots of bark, little bite

Donald Trump’s tough talk seemingly always leads to controversy. Time and again the bombastic rhetoric of candidate Trump and now  the 45th President has created controversy and global headlines. Trump’s mantra isn’t Rooseveltian at all – speak loudly and carry a little stick. While domestically Trump continues to push an extreme agenda that conflicts with […]

GUEST COLUMN: Punching Nazis threatens free speech for everyone

GUEST COLUMN by Page Landrum When it comes to online discourse, I believe in a “Free Market of Ideas.”  We have the freedom to offer and hear new ideas, both good and bad. When we meet people promoting bad ideas we have choices. We don’t have to buy into them. We can offer a competing good idea, […]

Winning the Florida Attorney General’s seat may be more important than Governor in the Trump era

Recently much of the attention of Florida Democrats has been rightfully focused on replacing Governor Rick Scott next year with a Democrat. However, like the run-up to 2014, little if any time has been spent in discussing the statewide cabinet races, a place where Democrats must take advantage of shifting attitudes and demographics in the […]

What we are reading: Indians Angry at Trump’s Ban on Muslim Refugees Should Look at What Modi is Doing

As we’ve discussed on this site previously, a parallel exists between the rhetoric of Donald Trump and the actions of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The Wire, one of India’s leading publications breaks it down. As we discussed yesterday, the right-wing populist fervor that is sweeping the globe has templates that are being followed – […]

The rise of Trump-like right-wing populism a global phenomena

While those on the right like to continue to push a myth of “American exceptionalism,” the reality is that Donald Trump’s elevation to power after capturing 46% of the nation’s popular votes ( yes a minority, but an alarming number for a reactionary of Trump’s stature) follows a pattern of right-wing populism based around re-tribalism […]

What we are reading: How to build an autocracy

David Frum is perhaps my favorite Republican – One of the few GOPers I liked in the 1990’s (when I read him religiously and loathed most Republican commentators who were obsessed with Clinton scandals instead of issues) but then grew to loathe during the Bush years when he served as the President’s thematic speechwriter. Frum […]

Update on letter to Indian PM RE: Trump refugee action

In my letter to Indian Prime Minister Modi penned earlier today, I had included the United Kingdom as a culprit in Trump’s act and urged reciprocal Indian action against the UK as well. At the time of the writing, the assumption was that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was either passively opposing Trump’s action or […]

Trump playing a long game with voter fraud allegations – it’s a cynical Republican ploy

If you turned on CNN anytime in the last 24 hours, you heard nonstop talk about how crazy Donald Trump was to make unfounded and insulting allegations of massive voter fraud. Trump isn’t simply saying these things to stir the pot and justify his own election, since he lost the popular vote by a wide […]