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What we are reading: WSJ on Broward County GOP connection to Russian hacking (UPDATED)

The Wall Street Journal is behind a paywall these days but do what you have to do to read this piece. It discusses the alleged connection between a Russian hacker  and Broward County-based GOP consultant Aaron Nevins which then led to Fort Lauderdale-based Roger Stone. It is worth noting Nevins has publicly stated he DID […]

Is Trump’s supervillain-crush on Philippine president Duterte greased by real estate deal?

The Intercept is reporting on an apparent leaked phone call of Donald Trump to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, praising him for an “unbelievable job” on Duterte’s claimed war on drugs, which has reportedly amounted to the extra-judicial killings of some 7,000 citizens. Trump initiated the call, gushing approval at Duterte, telling him, “You are a good man,” “Keep up […]

How often has your member of Congress voted with Donald Trump the first 100 days?

How much has your congressperson voted with Donald Trump during the first 100 days of his administration? Note the numbers below from FiveThirtyEight only score votes where the President has taken a public position.  The pattern for members of the Florida delegation with the exception of the retiring GOPer Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the newly elected Democrat […]

Trump’s Syrian gambit – Chance for a grand bargain between great powers?

I’ve always found it ironic that the Republican Party, the great defenders of Christianity have it out for every secular ruler in the Middle East. Those leaders that protect Christians from slaughter and even take them into their Government have been earmarked for eradication time and again by neoconservatives in GOP while alliances with right-wing […]

Donald Trump: Making China the lone global superpower one executive order at a time

Donald Trump’s Climate Change executive order is not only horrible for the environment, but as Damian Carrington in The Guardian correctly points out, it cedes American leadership in the greatest foreign policy matter of this generation to the Chinese.  Climate Change is the single biggest geopolitical issue facing policymakers today and the US has now unilaterally […]

The media failed to show same outrage about Rubio’s slanderous comments about President Obama as they did about Trump’s

The TV news media was in full frenzy all weekend rightly pilling on President Donald Trump (except for FOX News which in its role as “state television” booked guests that advocated the prosecution of President Obama after taking a pause Saturday morning no doubt to get on the same page as the White House) for […]

Trump’s Palm Beach visits causing problems for Floridians

Donald Trump’s weekend jaunts to Palm Beach are doing more than costing taxpayers monetarily – they are inconveniencing Floridians in some very basic ways. Take for instance the sonic boom heard two weeks ago in southeast Florida that shook up residents (including myself and my pets who went crazy thinking something had exploded in our […]