Monthly Archives: January 2022

Air Florida routes through the years

This month marks 40 years since the tragic Air Florida crash into a bridge over the Potomac. Air Florida had been one the airline darlings of the post-deregulation commercial aviation era that began in 1978, but by 1984 had ceased operations. Rapid expansion which turned the carrier into a domestic and international force had come […]

TFS+ – the pre-Trump radicalization of the GOP

Over at TFS+ we’re running a series of audio discussions between Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussing the long-term radicalization of the GOP BEFORE Donald Trump was on the political scene. It’s an important discussion given the recent trend in the mainstream media to act as if the GOP was a mainstream force until 2015.

The 5G debacle, Frontier adding Chicago-Midway to Florida routes and other commercial aviation news

This week, commercial aviation discussions have been centered around the botched American roll out of 5G networks, an embarrassment that continues the perception abroad that the United States is in decline relative to other western democracies. No other major industrialized nation has had this sort of clunky problem around the roll out of 5G as […]

Is the DeSantis redistricting gamble blowing up?

Over at TFS+ on Monday, we broke down the specifics around Governor DeSantis proposed Congressional map. At the time I wrote that piece, I was convinced the map was the “hidden” or “secret” map I was long expecting- the partisan gerrymander that split Duval County in half and manipulated lines around the Tampa Bay area […]

TFS + – Biden’s first year defined by a media employing double-standards

Joe Biden has had a rough first year in office Of course, the Biden White House could do better on messaging. Of course, the Biden White House could have done better on COVID testing.  Of course, the Biden White House could have done better with its legislative strategy.  But none of this is the point.  […]

Podcast- MLK Jr, Florida and Civil Rights #MLKDay

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. here in Florida with an emphasis on his actions in the state. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free […]

#MLKDay – MLK Jr. and LBJ reading/viewing

On this MLK Day, it is important to think about a time when a southern President who prior to 1957, had opposed Civil; Rights effectively partnered with Martin Luther King Jr. The amount of scholarship developed along with screenplays/movies about this period has exploded recently. This also helps explain the gradual shift in terms of […]

TFS + – DeSantis congressional map proposal quick thoughts

Last night, a proposed Congressional Map was submitted by the Executive Office of the Governor to the legislature. This map is the clear GOP gerrymander the national party wanted and the Florida Republicans had to this point failed to provide. More over at TFS+.

MLK and the St Augustine movement – a retrospective

In commemoration of Martin Luther King’s Birthday in 2022, it is timely to recall the critical role Florida played in the passage of Civil Rights legislation- specifically St Augustine which the epicenter of MLK Jr. and Southern Christian Leadership Council (SLC) activity during the Senate filibuster of the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. Listen: The […]

Remembering the free blacks who saved Florida during the War of Jenkins Ear

In honor of Martin Luther King Day 2022, we look back at Fort Mose the the first free black settlement in what is now the USA and those from there who heroically saved Florida. In July 1742, decisive battles between the Spanish and British took place in and around St Simons Island, Georgia. It was […]