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Video: MLK Jr. in St Augustine – Andrew Young Crossing

Freedom in Florida: The First Underground Railroad

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, we’re re-running our series on the First Underground Railroad which has not been talked as prominently as it should in American History. We did a total of three Florida History Podcast’s on the Underground Railroad to Florida In Part I  we discuss Fort Mose and runaway slaves […]

Major jetBlue cuts highlight the week in Florida commercial aviation

JetBlue which has faced major operational challenges of late trimmed several flight to/from the sunshine state this past week. Here are the full list of Florida-related cuts: Fort Lauderdale to Bozeman and Port of Spain Tampa to Providence and Richmond Fort Myers to Providence As we reported last month United has confirmed it will close […]

Video: Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach Area

A most disgraceful speech by the Great Divider

I have been watching State of the State speeches since Lawton Chiles delivered his 1995 speech (in which he made reference to his former US Senate colleague from Mississippi John Stennis, just to make sure we were paying attention). These are generally very straight forward affairs loaded with policy talk and feel-good rhetoric. Jeb Bush […]

TFS + – Nixonian DeSantis

Ron DeSantis gets compared often to Donald Trump and those comparisons are logical. I will leave the Trump comparisons to others.  Additionally at this point I see a Nixonian level of paranoia and rhetoric. Irony being DeSantis actually was able to attend Harvard unlike Nixon!  Read more at TFS+

New DeSantis merch takes aim at vacationing liberals

The race to the very bottom from the Governor continues. This continues a trend of tacky and personal ways to “own the libs,” from DeSantis’ campaign. Incidentally every single county which a liberal listed vacationed in was carried by Joe Biden in 2020 and Andrew Gillum in 2018.

Claude Pepper’s second act

Legislative session opens today and as always, the citizens of the state are on the back foot when the legislature is meeting. So today we hearken back to better times, when Claude Pepper, a former liberal US Senator returned to Congress as a member of the US House. His second act is one of the […]

Video: Shark Valley Alligator on trail

TFS + : On DeSantis increasingly unhinged McCarthyite behavior

Beyond being remarkably divisive, DeSantis is now entering lunatic Joe McCarthy-like territory. Every passing week gives us a new low in terms of public statements and commentary from the Governor that makes it impossible to reconcile what he says with reality. Every week we have a new outrage, be it about COVID, big tech, the media, […]