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” #Obamagate ” explained in the shortest possible fashion

Having written an extensively long and half-week consuming piece the other day on “#Obamagate,” I realize a more direct explanation can be given for this “scandal”. Here goes in some short bite-sized bits. 1- Michael Flynn was a foreign agent. And worse yet, he was an agent who had collected six figure fees from foreign […]

#COVID_19 reopening, the truth about FOX News’ #Obamagate and the real Michael Flynn scandal – Erdogan and the cynical shift in American foreign policy

As Trump-aligned Republicans continue to put politics and a myth of economic recovery over protecting human lives, they openly fan the flames of scandal using warped historical logic to defend their point of view. But this goes along with the general economic and rhetorical philosophy of Trumpism which radically zigzags from from far right to […]

Great Jacksonville fires : 1901 and 1963

The 1901 Great Fire in Jacksonville is the third largest urban fire in American history and the largest ever in the American south. The fire consumed over 2,300 buildings and 7 lives. In 1963, the city was again the scene of a massive fire when the Roosevelt Hotel went up in flames during the holiday […]

#COVID-19 fallout – update on international air services to/from Florida in June

International airlines are slowly beginning to resume service to and from the Sunshine State in June. Here is a sampling of the latest updates. We will attempt to post updates to this every Sunday or Monday until most normal service resumes. Air Canada Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Lauderdale – Toronto […]

Seven key factors why Florida did not join the American Revolution

As I continue research for my forthcoming book, Albion Florida, I have come to the conclusion that the simplistic reasons given for Florida’s non-participation in the American Revolution are just that – simple stuff that demands elaboration. I will explain this in a longer form manner when my book is published, but today I want […]

Crossing County Lines in the Time of Coronavirus

By Dr. Rachel Pienta Florida is a large state in population and in square miles.  In the time it takes to drive from the southernmost tip of Monroe County in the Keys to the Alabama state line in Escambia, a driver could depart from Jacksonville in Duval County and arrive in Washington, DC.  The Sunshine […]

The greatest non-Presidential Americans of all-time – a list

I recently embarked on an effort to list the ten greatest Americans of all time who were not Presidents. I choose this exercise with the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day (May 7th or May 8th depending on your perspective) in mind . I thought it would be fairly simple and asked for input on social […]

Space Coast Growth & Change

Last year as the nation celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, a renewed focus was put on the launch site for the space program- Brevard County. Programs from a three-part PBS American Experience documentary to CNN’s Apollo 11 to independent films chronicled daily life near Cape Canaveral. This week on the […]

Florida aviation in 2005 – Part II, airports and destinations

Airlines and destination from 2005 are below – every Florida city listed had scheduled commercial flights in 2005. Part I is here. Daytona Beach Continental Express Cleveland, Newark  Delta Atlanta Delta Connection Cincinnati  Fort Lauderdale  AeroMexico Mexico City Air Canada  Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Air Jamaica Kingston, Montego Bay AirTran Atlanta, Baltimore, Gulfport/Biloxi, Dallas/Fort Worth, […]

Florida aviation in 2005 – Part 1

I recently engaged in a labor intensive analysis of multiple Official Airline Guides (OAG) copies from 2005 of routes to/from Florida. This was the era between several major airline failures and the most recent consolidation of the industry which also has spawned a new era of low cost carriers. Below is an analysis of the […]