#COVID-19 fallout – update on international air services to/from Florida in June

International airlines are slowly beginning to resume service to and from the Sunshine State in June. Here is a sampling of the latest updates. We will attempt to post updates to this every Sunday or Monday until most normal service resumes.

Air Canada Rouge planes at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport – Orlando and Fort Lauderdale were Air Canada’s 2nd and 3rd largest non-Canadian stations (behind London Heathrow) prior to COVID-19 shutdown
By JTOcchialini – Here They Come FLL JTPI 7084, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69445782

Air Canada

Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily)

Fort Lauderdale – Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Fort Myers-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally 4x a week)

Miami- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally one daily)

Miami-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Tampa- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)

Air France

Miami-Paris (CDG) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Miami- Port Au Prince 4x weekly (normally once daily)


Miami-Rome (Leonardo DaVinci) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

British Airways

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally 3x daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 13x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)


Fort Lauderdale- Dubai CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1 (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- Dubai SUSPENDED (normally once daily- scheduled to resume July 1)


*These are Norwegian’s current plans. However I am advised these are HIGHLY likely to change in the next week.

Fort Lauderdale-Barcelona 2x weekly (normally 3x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Paris (CDG) 2x weekly (normally 4x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Miami- London (Gatwick) 3x weekly (normally daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) 3x weekly (normally 6x weekly)

Orlando- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) 2x weekly (normally 3x weekly)

Qatar Airways

Miami-Doha SUSPENDED (normally 6x weekly)

Royal Air Maroc

Miami-Casablanca SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Virgin Atlantic

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Belfast (Int’) CANCELLED FOR SUMMER 2020 (Previously once weekly)

Orlando-Glasgow SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 12x weekly)

Orlando- Manchester SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)


Fort Lauderdale-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Orlando-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

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