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Governor DeSantis is rapidly losing the plot thanks to a rigid ideology of individualism

In his first year as Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis achieved more from a governing perspective than his immediate predecessor Rick Scott did in eight years. DeSantis also seemed on the trajectory to be Florida’s most effective Governor since Bob Graham. Then came COVID-19. I wrote three days ago that I had faith in the Governor […]

#Stayathome reading suggestion: Jimmy Carter’s Turning Point.

President Jimmy Carter’s 1992 book, Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age is the story of Carter’s first run for public office. In 1962, Carter sought a seat in the State Senate and was the victim of blatant vote stuffing. At the time Georgia was still resisting desegregation laws, and elections were […]

#Stayathome suggestions: LBJ and MLK reading and viewing

With most of locked inside for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19 reading about the Civil Rights movement served as a reminder of the critical role Florida played in the passage of legislation- specifically St Augustine which the epicenter of MLK Jr. and SLC activity during the Senate filibuster of the legislation. The amount of […]

Florida's Turnpike and Toll Roads in Central Florida

When the Turnpike was originally proposed in he late 1940’s the road was supposed to travel thirty five miles east of Orlando. Thomas B. Manuel, a Broward County Commissioner and chair of the Turnpike Commission sought to link southeast Florida with the First Coast destinations of Jacksonville and St Augustine. Speaker of the House Farris […]

Albion Florida – new book project

Thanks to the COVID-19 related shut down, I have made great progress on my latest book project which is a narrative about Colonial Florida and the influence the English/British had on it. Florida was only under British rule for two decades from 1763 to 1783. However, the English then the British (after the 1707 Act […]

Covid-19; The economic history of pandemics, how this impacts Florida and Governor DeSantis' choice

I hope everyone is coping with this Coronavirus pandemic as best they can. For me, the boredom and Netflix binging afflicting most folks hasn’t hit me yet, largely because this down time has given me the opportunity to make great progress on my forthcoming book on Florida History. I had planned to spend some of […]

Coronavirus, the US economy and domestic politics

Editors Note: This column has been submitted by an influencer in the state of Florida who wishes to remain anonymous. At this critical time for our state, nation and planet we at TFS are committed to bringing various perspectives into the discussion about public health and our economic future. SARS-CoV-2… You may have heard of […]

#DemExit or not? Coronavirus, Medicare for All, #TheResistance, Voter disenfranchisement and what is next for progressives in Florida?

The Coronavirus Pandemic and its related shutdown of American life has turned everyone into a socialist – well almost everyone…large elements of the Democratic establishment continue to fan the flames of distrust toward government-backed schemes even though their Presidential nominee Joe Biden has embraced large elements of the progressive platform. Yet the people who dominate […]

Airline bailout – an industry that’s been given every advantage in the world asks for more help.

President Trump has been floating a bailout of the Airline industry as part of his Coronavirus response. I respect that the downturn in demand for global travel has left the industry on the brink, but it’s an industry that thanks to the last four administrations, and particularly the last two have been given every advantage […]

Sir Frances Drake and the 1586 English raid on St Augustine

Sir Frances Drake, a famous figure in English history raided St Augustine in May 1586. The Spanish settlement was destroyed as Drake attacked Florida in the midst of the Anglo-Spanish War. Two years later Drake would be among the English commanders in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Drake’s raid had major impacts as the […]