Friday Quick Hits – New Scott Ad a postive change, Indian Elections, Sexism in news rooms and Ukraine

After weeks of bashing presumptive Democratic nominee Charlie Crist on various charges, the Let’s Get to Work Committee has actually released a positive ad entitled Grandpa. It’s a change in tact from a committee that has failed to raise Crist’s negative substantially enough to change the shape of the race, while the Governor’s negative numbers remain sky high. This is an effort to define Rick Scott in a more positive manner, perhaps part of a multiple ad strategy.


The Indian elections have concluded and right-wing BJP have won a mandate to govern. I am of two minds about this. The left-wing parties that made up the previous governing coalition tended to be ripe with corruption, economically backward and were drifting dangerously into the Russian sphere of influence with regards to foreign policy. However, the right-wing governing coalition that will come to power is led by a man who was denied a US visa by the Bush State Department for hateful speech towards Muslims. The BJP, who is by far the largest party of the incoming governing coalition is committed to Hinduveta which could be interpreted as a form of religious (Hindu) fascism. The party has the reputation of being anti-Muslim. Terrorism  from radical Islamic groups has been a major problem in India since 1999. It has been argued that since the left-wing parties have sought Muslim votes domestically they have not taken as strong stand on terror as one might hope. Additionally, India is a secular country and more controversy has been created as Sharia Law is being implemented in areas with large Muslim populations much as it has been in the United Kingdom.  But the BJPs rhetoric seems to be a conservative/fundamentalist reaction to the security threat and desire in some Islamic quarters for Sharia. It is worth noting India ‘s population is about 80% Hindu, and while terrorism is an issue the Muslims are not going to take over the country inspite of some fears of India being part of a “new caliphate,”  something that is laughable and not even worthy of further discussion. Ultimately, if India which has fallen behind China dramatically in terms of economic growth since in the ten years of leftist rule rebounds financially I will be pleased with this new Government.

Sexism in journalism and US newsrooms is still alive and well. Female reporters and television personalities get fewer and fewer opportunities than their male counterparts. This has been well-documented through recent years and no need exists to rehash this information. Women are also held to a different usually higher standard then men in the profession. Against this background, it is easier to understand why people are so up in arms today about Jill Abramson’s firing from the New York Times. Talking Points Memo had a great article on double-standards in the newsroom that is worth reading.

On Ukraine, the situation continues to be fluid but one thing seems certain. Russia is backing the now four separate insurgencies taking place in the eastern part of the country. Based on international law, Russia could be classified now as a state-sponsor of terrorism. In fairness, this standard is applied when wanted by the US State Department. Perhaps the threat will give Secretary Kerry leverage in negotiations. I do want to remind readers that the United Kingdom, the closest ally of the US could have easily been placed on the state sponsor of terror list when elements of the Tory Government under Ted Heath in the early 1970s backed Ulster unionists that were crossing the border into the Republic of Ireland and committing acts of terror. By contrast the (Provisional) IRA post 1969 was NEVER supported by the Republic of Ireland’s Government.


  1. janl65 · · Reply

    I say: Let’s get Rick Scott out of office, period! Floridians have had ENOUGH of Scott’s “work.” He is being led around by the nose, along with several other Republican gov’s who are being bankrolled by none other than Sheldon Adelson. If you don’t understand why this whoring for Adelson is not good for Florida, then google Adelson, please!


  2. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    Ah Kartik the polls have moved significantly the past few weeks in Scott’s favor.

    On India I agree. Wait and see how Modi is.


    1. The polls have been bouncing all over the place and the sampling/methodology is inconsistent. One thing consistent is Scott’s negatives being high.


  3. Go Charlie Go! · · Reply

    This ad is garbage.

    Scott will never be likable.

    We have this election won if we don’t blow it and part of blowing it is this republican backed Nan Rich candidacy.

    Charlie is doing the right thing ignoring her and her republican stools like the ones who keep showing up on this site.


    1. Nan Rich’s candidacy is backed by many activist Democrats. Somehow this narrative of a “Republican” backed campaign keeps coming up.


    2. You are crazy. Nan Rich has decades of bonafides as a true Democrat and her voting record as a progressive is solid. Charlie Crist, while he may very likely end up as our candidate, has a very long history of being a right winger who gradually became more moderate. But, his bonafides is still strictly Republican. And when the Scott people start revealing all the Crist policy flip flops, they may very well have pictures of flip flops in those ads…


  4. Crist’s numbers are falling KK !


  5. Dems in 14 · · Reply

    Desperation from Scott.


  6. The sexism claims are often overblown.

    I think it’s just a simple defense every time a woman in a high position gets fired.


  7. I agree that sexism is real in newsrooms but it is used WAY too often by women journalists and TV anchors when they don’t get their way.


  8. Campaign Consulting 101 · · Reply

    Scott’s ad is quite good actually.

    Anyone who thinks Crist is winning without a real fight is delusional.

    As for Nan Rich, yes she should drop out. But if Crist loses the general because of her primarythen it simply proves he was a deeply flawed and weak candidate.


  9. Yellow Dog Democrat · · Reply

    Great Informatin on all three stories!

    As far as Scott’s TV team is the saying goes and I’ve said this here for months…they can put all the lipstick and makup on that “pig” …aka Rick Scott…all they want and in the end you stil end up with a…pig!!

    Rick Scott is a stiff, ruthless CEO whose companies stole billions in Medicare and Medicaid taxpayer money from all of us and…for the life of me…how this guy is not in jail and got elected… is hard to comprehend.

    That’s been Charlie Crist’s tough message that he’s been swinging and Alex Sink and Nan Rich have been pitiful candidates against the Republican-Scott machine.

    And I’ll repeat here…after your last campaign finance report comparing Nam vs Charlie …that it’s over for Nan with her 100 grand to Charlie’s 11 million and it’s time for all Dems… no matter how hard it is to listen to common sense and coalesce around Charlie Crist now or else we Dems will loose the Governor’s office AGAIN and it will be Nan and her supporters that we will have to blame.


    1. Yooo Yellow Dog,
      Lets not delude ourselves. Charlie Crist will help re-elect the worst Governor in Florida History. That’s how crazy it is for us to support him. Me? I’m still campaigning for Kendrick Meek…


  10. Go Charlie Go! · · Reply

    Does the new patron saint of the progressives including the Democratic Progressive Caucus have this sort of record of standing firm
    on civil rights??? I am speaking of Nan Rich. What is her record of leadership on these matters?

    This video and excellent write up from KK demonstrates the long commitment Charlie Crist has had to our causes and our views.

    Rick Scott has no counter to this. This is a man of courage who even as a republican stood tall. Now he is where he can be comfortable.


    1. Nan Rich has a long record on these issues as well.

      Regarding the partisanship of this, as I wrote last week after the Jorge Ramos interview, the racial baggage and scars from the 50s and 60s were mostly on the Dem side of the aisle so being a GOPer allowed Crist an ability to adlib his civil rights positions without any fear. Honestly, being a Republican helped him find his feet on this issue.


  11. Yellow Dog Democrat · · Reply

    Youhooo “Dog”, The only one who is “delusional” her is you and your fellow Nan Rich Progressive Democrats, who are already on the record as saying they are gong to sit home and let Republican Rick Scott get re-elected rather than vote for the Democratic nominee Charlie Crist after your beloved Nan Rich gets creamed in the Primary.

    I know that reality is hard sometimes, but you and your fellow Nan Rich supporters have to realize that even though Charlie is not your guy, the State of Florida must crack the Republican dynasty or we are all doomed to suffer tremendous looses in our environment and education and many other issues that are more important than petty politics.

    If Nan Rich woke up from her dream of being Governor and dropped out now and supported Charlie Crist and unified the Democratic Party toward the common goal of beating Rick Scott, then we will all be better off for it..


    1. Yoooo Yellow Dog,
      In May of this year I said “Charlie Crist will help re-elect the worst Governor in Florida History.” I voted for Charlie Crist as I was a Nan admirer, but not blind supporter. Nevertheless, Dems stayed home and didn’t vote. Dems turnout in the largest Dem regions of Florida, the southeast coast, was even worse than in 2010.
      Despite the fervent support of the Party leadership and of Dems willing to sacrifice their convictions for the hope of a win, Charlie Crist was never ever going to get sufficient Democratic Support in this State. Your pipe dream of Crist unifying our Party was just a fantasy even though Nan Rich stood by him and supported him.This is an just “I told you so” message.


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