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Amash Amendment Vote Shows Conservative/Liberal Coalition on Civil Liberties is Possible

Wednesday’s vote on Justin Amash’s (R-Michigan) amendment which would have curbed the ability of the NSA to collect individual phone data failed by a  205-217 vote. The amendment which saw active arm twisting in opposition from the House Republican Leadership AND the White House demonstrated a broad coalition of libertarian minded conservatives and liberals who […]

While Nan Rich Gathers Liberal Support, Democratic Insiders Keep Talking about Mythical “Swing” Voters

The political landscape in Florida has changed a great deal in the past decade, but the more that changes, even more stays the same. Florida’s Democrats appear fearful of nominating perceived liberal candidates from southeast Florida like Nan Rich and are again discussing the need to place “moderate” Democrats in key races. Yet the track […]

Zest of the Day: VISIT FLORIDA and Google team up to map Florida beaches

Very cool for those of us that are Google Earth addicts. Story here from WTXL.

Zest of the Day: National Tennis Center Coming to Fort Lauderdale

From the Sun Sentinel…no subscription needed.

Throwback Tuesday: Massive Resistance, Civil Rights and Florida

Florida was by 1950 the most urban and cosmopolitan state in the South. By 1970, Florida in many ways resembled a northern state or at least in many areas where Republicans were beginning to dominate electorally. But throughout much of the state, even urban areas Old South norms still prevailed. University of Georgia professor Numan […]

Images of George Wallace Campaign Literature

Last week we discussed George Wallace’s remarkable success in Florida not only as a third-party Presidential candidate in 1968 but also in Democratic Primaries in 1972 and 1976. Below are some items from my collection. The first item is a flyer from the 1970 Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Runoff. Wallace had run behind Albert Brewer […]

Zest of the Day: Mike Fasano not confident about Pasco tax collector appointment

From Adam Smith in the Tampa Bay Times. 

Standing your ground on the issue instead of simply your party

Far too often we see Democrats and Republicans eating up the talking points of their party instead of the issues that affect everyday Floridians.  A perfect example of this is the issue with stand your ground and gun control laws.  For over a decade the Florida Legislature has led the way on gun laws ranging […]

Remembering Charley Johns and his Committee: Shameful Florida Legislative History

Senator Charley Johns (D-Starke) is one of the best known figures in the Florida Political History for multiple dubious reasons. The leader of the infamous “Pork Chop Gang”. Johns became Governor in 1953 after Governor Dan McCarty the first Governor elected from southern Florida died just months after taking office. Prior to 1968, Florida had […]

Zest of the Day – Deutch: Voting Rights fix should consider ‘institutional racism’ of state stand-your-ground, drug laws

From George Bennett in the Palm Beach Post. Ted Deutch has emerged as one of the great liberal voices in the Florida Delegation and perhaps nationally since his 2010 special election victory. Video below of Deutch’s comments and full article at Post on Politics.