Images of George Wallace Campaign Literature

Last week we discussed George Wallace’s remarkable success in Florida not only as a third-party Presidential candidate in 1968 but also in Democratic Primaries in 1972 and 1976. Below are some items from my collection. The first item is a flyer from the 1970 Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Runoff. Wallace had run behind Albert Brewer in the first primary, and the former Governor desperate to regain his former office resorted to the most overtly racist campaign in memory. The second is a 1968 campaign flyer  I bought many years ago at the LBJ Museum in Austin. The third photo is the front of the 1968 flyer as well as Dan Carter’s “The Politics of Rage” about George Wallace, a must read for anyone interested in the era.

Keep in mind after viewing these items to remember that this was a candidate that had lots of support (between 31% and 42%)  among the state’s Democrats in the period between 1968 and 1976.



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