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The Voting Rights Act and Florida: Historical challenges in light of the Supreme Court decision

Tuesday’s ill-advised and unfortunate Supreme Court decision regarding the voting rights act recalls the shameful specter of potential voter purges and racially motivated disenfranchisement that characterized Florida and the American South prior to 1965. While much of the caricature of the south during that era has been drawn in hindsight by a guilty northern-dominated press […]

Throwback Tuesday: The Plot to Steal Florida

No, not Rick Scott’s Supreme Court-abetted reelection scheme — the clandestine coup orchestrated by the Madison administration. In The Plot to Steal Florida: James Madison’s Phony War, military historian and former CIA agent James Burkholder Smith tells the secret – or at least obscure – history of how the Father of the Constitution™ attempted to […]

County Analysis: Dixiecrat Counties vs. Republican Horseshoe

The 2012 Presidential Election further solidified long-term trends in the state of Florida where a shift of core support for both political parities has taken place. The 2012 election was the most demographically polarizing in Florida’s history pitting urban/suburban/metropolitan areas against exurban/rural/micropolitan areas. Even the virtual “tie” 2000 election in Florida cut across these lines […]

Zest of the Day: Sen. Marco Rubio misled police, ICE union says

I typically would never share anything from the hackish Washington Times but this sensational headline caught my attention.

Zest of the Day: Scientist: ‘Miami, As We Know It Today, Is Doomed. It’s Not A Question Of If. It’s A Question Of When.’

From Think Progress. 

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink have a lot to answer for from previous campaigns

Both former Republican Governor Charlie Crist and 2010 Democratic nominee (and former CFO) Alex Sink are prospective candidates for Governor. Senator Nan Rich has been campaigning extensively for year developing a strong grassroots network of support among progressives. Still Rich polls in the low single-digits and clamoring for Crist or Sink to run continues to […]

Zest of the Day: Have Floridians Become Straight Ticket Voters?

Interesting analysis from Dave Trotter at “How the World Votes.” He hits some important voting trends in the state but also seems to ignore some other mitigating factors. Still a highly recommended read. I have noted more and more straight ticket voting in Florida since let’s say since the 1988 Election where George Bush got […]

Comparing Dem County Performance in 1994 and 2010 Governor’s Races

The Democrats last won a Governor’s election in 1994, which was a historically bad year for Democrats on the national level. The next three Governor’s races in better Democratic years (relatively speaking in the case of 2002) were landslide Republican victories but in 2010, a horrible Democratic year, Alex Sink almost won the Governorship. What […]

Environmental issues key to Democratic recovery on the Treasure Coast and in SW Florida

Despite recent progress, Democrats suffered some serious backsliding in growing southwest Florida and the Treasure Coast (minus St Lucie County which has acted more as an appendage of southeast Florida, than like northern Palm Beach, Martin or Indian River counties in recent elections) in last November’s election. My explanation for this is simple: when Democrats […]

Zest of the Day: From NPR, Marco Rubio’s Big Problem

More and more analysis of Rubio’s shift and his explanation. Link here.