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Why is FDP Denying Nan Rich an opportunity to speak at the J-J?

Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich continues to amass impressive grassroots support, which included nabbing this past week the endorsement of NOW. Senator Rich has been barnstorming the state for the better part of a year now and while she has faced obstacles from some party elders, her support continues to grow on a weekly basis. Many […]

TFS Senate Scorecard – The Ratings

Vote descriptions here House ratings here The ideological splits which have characterized the Florida House since the early 2000s have largely been absent in the Senate. However, with several  moderate Republicans term limited in 2012 the fear was that the Senate would shift sharply right. However, several Republicans voted a more moderate line in the […]

TFS Senate Scorecard – The Votes Scored

Full ratings can be found here SB 718 (Stargel) and HB 231 (Workman) were a pair of bills that would, essentially, reduce alimony benefits for divorcees. This legislation would have changed family law in Florida to include statutory time limits on how long alimony can be received to – in most cases – half the […]

Zest of the Day: Florida Chamber Report Card

Very different ratings from what we have at TFS for obvious reasons in this year’s Florida Chamber Report Card.

Florida Progressives need to make environmental issues a bigger priority

Last year. a coalition of Environmental Groups launched a petition drive to place a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot that would guarantee a consistent source of money for environmental protection. The campaign is in full swing backed by former Senator and Governor Bob Graham. Every progressive should make getting involved in this initiative a […]

Zest of the Day: Florida’s Education Budget by the numbers

Excellent detailed breakdown from State Impact/NPR.

Throwback Tuesday: Claude Pepper & Ed Ball – Politics, Purpose and Power

Florida, much like other southern states in the early part of the century, had an inherent conflict between business and populism. Florida was the boom state of the 1920s but after the land bust, stock market crash and the onset of the Great Depression a liberal New Deal hero emerged – Claude Pepper. Ed Ball […]

JP Morgan: from “fortress” balance sheet to Fort Apache the Bronx

A few years ago Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan, was the “savior” of Wall Street armed with a “fortress” balance sheet.  Today eight federal agencies are investigating the bank, which has been labeled, “out of control,” by one analyst and shareholders will vote tomorrow on cutting Dimon’s role in half. In […]

Zest of the Day: Oil Industry eyeing southern Florida again for drilling

From the Miami Herald. Plenty here to be concerned about for those who care about protecting our fragile ecosystem.

Ann Coulter to help Vern Buchanan fundraise; Will Palm Beach Conservative elite play on the state level?

Ann Coulter, one of several high profile national right-wing demagogues that call Palm Beach County home will be traveling across the Peninsula to the west coast to help Vern Buchanan raise campaign cash according to the Tampa Bay Times. Despite scandals and a controversial initial election in 2006, Buchanan has emerged as a popular local […]