Why is FDP Denying Nan Rich an opportunity to speak at the J-J?

Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich continues to amass impressive grassroots support, which included nabbing this past week the endorsement of NOW. Senator Rich has been barnstorming the state for the better part of a year now and while she has faced obstacles from some party elders, her support continues to grow on a weekly basis. Many Florida progressives having seen the disastrous results of nominating self-proclaimed moderates who are wish-washy on issues have rallied to her cause.

Yet for whatever reason, The Florida Squeeze has learned that the state party has denied Senator Rich’s request to speak at the June 15th Jefferson-Jackson dinner. The FDP’s fallback position appears to be that the speakers are set for the dinner and that previous Jefferson-Jackson dinners have run too long. While the later is true, that has never stopped the party previously from having multiple speakers and I do not recall in my history of involvement of the party an announced Gubernatorial candidate, who is a former legislative leader with large scale support being denied the ability to speak at the dinner.

In 2002, the party dispensed with the “dinner” portion of the J-J and marketed the event as a “show.” partly to allow all of the candidates and potential candidates to speak. In 1997, 2001, and 2005 all announced Gubernatorial candidates who had legislative experience were given the opportunity to speak.

As every off-year election this millennium has demonstrated a direct correlation exists between enthusiasm in each party’s base and electoral results. This reality has proven disastrous for Florida Democrats in past cycles and despite Rick Scott’s overall weakness, the party very well could blow this election if it continues down its current course.

The current course seems to be to encourage potential candidates whose connection with the party base is tenuous while ignoring the only announced candidate in Senator Rich who is connecting with activists and local Democratic officials throughout the state. The continued uncertainty around other candidates in the race has not stopped Senator Rich from coalescing more and more grassroots support.

The state party appears to be completely out of touch with the sentiments of grassroots activists and local party officials. This is another potentially disastrous decision from a party whose relationship with those who walk precincts, make phone calls and devote just about all of the free time in their busy lives to electing good progressive Democrats to office continues to sour.




  1. Tanted is probably going to have Harry Sargeant and Charlie Crist start off the show. Big tent…more like Big corruption

  2. Think! · · Reply

    Tant is nothing but a pathetic tool of Crist.

  3. Doug Head · · Reply

    Very strange indeed. Isn’t there a Women’s group in the FDP? What are they doing about this? Here is info from the FDP web-site: Democratic Women’s Club of Florida
    The DWCF was formed to bring together all Democratic Women’s Clubs in Florida to provide a forum for discussion of public matters, to support qualified candidates for public office and to ENCOURAGE QUALIFIED DEMOCRATIC WOMEN TO SEEK ELECTED OFFICE. Members and guests are trained in leadership and campaign skills through a variety of curricula offerings, recruit women to run for political office, both elective and appointed, and manage campaigns with computer and Internet technology. The Legislative Committee serves as the hub of activities during the Legislative Session as members monitor and lobby for or against legislation that has a dramatic impact on the lives of the citizens of Florida and particularly the women of Florida. To join in, contact President Janet Goen, or president@democratic-women.org.

    1. Daisy · · Reply

      I believe The DWCF is supporting Nan Rich, We have been giving her the opportunity to speak at all of our county chapters.

  4. Broward Dem · · Reply

    Perhaps they don’t want to put everyone to sleep.
    Despite Nan’s strong advocacy for progressive issues, she is not an exciting candidate and I dare say, a boring public speaker.
    Nan Rich needs a speech coach FAST. If she can learn how to actually engage the audience and excite the listener she could actually turn things around for herself. Personally I am happy I won’t have to sit through another one of her dreary speeches.

  5. Florida Dem · · Reply





  6. Concerned Democrat · · Reply

    I cannot wait for Tant’s speech. That will be the real snoozer.

  7. Not sure why everyone thinks Allison Tant is pushing Charlie Crist. I have seen no evidence of that. It’s local DECs that keep giving him a platform. Perhaps Tant is keeping the program short and sweet so she doesn’t have to give him a speaking spot if he announces.

  8. Tant may not be for
    Crist but she is not helping Rich- she is throwing all obstacles in the way as possible.

  9. Obstacles? That’s bullshit. She’s trying not to get involved in a potential primary which is what she promised during the Chair’s election.

  10. Dumb Democrats · · Reply

    If Tant is neutral why won’t she let Mrs. Rich to speak???

  11. Progressive Florida Dem · · Reply

    I would suggest that ALL Dems who are already candidates be ALLOWED to speak or we are HURTING OURSELVES AS A PARTY! Do any of you REALLY want to see RICK SCOTT win again? Quit “playing” politics and let all candidates speak.

  12. First let me say that I want Nan to speak. I think she deserves the honor. But in defense of Allison, she might be taking this position because she doesn’t want to give Crist a speaking spot should he get into the race before June 15th. Should that happen, half the room would probably walk out as soon as he gets on stage. I know I would.

    1. We spend our money to buy tickets to what’s become a real joke. The party leadership spews up the same crap it’s been saying for so long. Nothing changes. A solid democrat, the ONLY ONE who actually has a brain and uses it, cannot get a forum at an event ABOUT being a Democrat. Hypocritical garbage. Like others, I’ve had the good fortune to work with Nan on important issues over the years. We need a leader who really understands the operational aspects of Florida’s attempt at governance. Charlie Crist, when he was first running for Governor, stopped me dead cold in a conversation with him when I used “AHCA” (Agency for Health Care Administration) and asked me not to use acronyms, and tell him what that was. Are you kidding me? If Democrats are willing to pass over ignorance, then I’d say the principles of this party are dead. And it becomes about a power trip and paycheck for leaders. It’s bad enough we have to put up with the idiots on the right; now we’ve got to deal with our OWN people. I’m sick of hearing how “Nan Rich can’t win”. Maybe, maybe not, but at least this woman is out there pushing a REAL Agenda – an agenda we should be supporting. She represents what Democrats are supposed to be, and what they are supposed to do. She’s the only one talking, except for our party leaders, who talk out of both sides of their mouths,

      1. Florida Progressive Dem · ·

        Anyone like the word BOYCOTT? If everyone threatened to simply not GO, period, they’d HAVE to change mind and let Nan Rich speak.

    2. Progressive Florida Dem · · Reply

      Walking out is no option. You listen, then wait for Nan Rich to speak, but as DEMS, we CAN’T CUT OFF OUR NOSE TO SPITE OUR FACE. That’s DUMB and the best way to end up with SCOTT back in there and I, for one, sure as heck DON’T want that!

  13. […] brief update on the situation we reported on the other day regarding the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich. Several […]

  14. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    Tant is not for Crist but is simply a shameless self promoter.

  15. Lewis in Lauderdale · · Reply

    Do not blame Tant. She sold her soul to DWS to get elected chair and now must repay her. DWS wants Crist or someone else who can raise $ for the party so she doesn’t have to. It makes sense from her perspective but still stinks from a party activist perspective.

  16. As the only viable (i.e., raised money) Democrat currently filed to run for Governor and a leader in the Democratic party for a very long time, this further justifies my ignoring the Florida Democratic Party. If this is the type of new “leadership” we can expect, I don’t expect I’ll be changing my tune on the FDP.

  17. Dems in Action · · Reply

    Nan Rich is the only candidate worth supporting. She has the intelligence and experience to do the job according to Democratic Principles. She will be the speaker at the DWCF, Inc on September 27th at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach. All are invited.

    1. Florida Progressive Dem · · Reply

      Anyone like the word BOYCOTT? If everyone threatened to simply not GO, period, they’d HAVE to change mind and let Nan Rich speak.

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  21. […] Since we broke the news almost two weeks ago that the only declared Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, former Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich has been omitted from the Jefferson-Jackson program, speculation has run rampant about the motivation of the party to do this. Theories, many of which are completely unfounded have floated, and what is equally worrying is that the minority leaders of both the Florida House and Florida Senate have not been invited to speak either. […]

  22. […] Florida Democrats have had an interesting few weeks. A poorly planned Jefferson-Jackson program turned into a poorly executed spin machine after the Nan Rich’s speaking snub became public. […]

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