Quick Update on J-J and Nan Rich Speaking

A brief update on the situation we reported on the other day regarding the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich. Several leaders in the Democratic Party in southeast Florida as well as activists from other parts of the state have expressed disappointment to the FDP about this decision. Emails and phone calls were made yesterday to the state party by many activists and it has become apparent that the grassroots support that Senator Rich has developed throughout the state has been activated on this matter. We will continue to monitor this situation going forward.


  1. Patti Lynn · · Reply

    I hope that they come to their senses. Senator Rich could take Broward County…and that would carry the state. She’s far more qualified than Alex Sink, or Charlie Crist. Crist has no principle that he is unwilling to compromise on.


  2. Common Sense · · Reply

    Really this is stupid. Rich is a horrible candidate a fringe figure who will doom our party to certain defeat if she is nominated. We need Sink or Crist to run.


    1. Hey Common Sense, open your eyes and ears. Our party is already doomed because leadership is anything BUT leaders. It takes courage to take a strong path like Nan. None of our leaders have this courage. They suck up to rhetoric and what looks good in the media. Sink is a joke..has no idea how to win, and Crist….well it’s fine if you want to elect a guy who has the brains of scarecrow. We need to stand for principles and then vote for real Democrats who follow them.


  3. Doug Head · · Reply

    Nan Rich will be at my home in Orlando on June 7, for anyone who wants to speak with her. First Friday event as always.


    1. BOB HARRIGAN · · Reply

      dead serious,not joking help please thank you,Bob Harrigan,NPR,Fl.


      1. If you had been informed about the Florida Legislature, you would know her.


      2. Broward Dem · ·

        Rick Scott moved to Florida in 2003.


  4. Conservative Democrat · · Reply

    I’m a big fan of Nan Rich. I don’t agree much with her on political issues, but I admire anyone who is true to their beliefs. She is definitely the genuine article.

    I don’t know how she wins in November though. That’s a sale she is going to have to make. But for the FDP to block a former Democratic Leader of the Florida Senate is horrible.Just out of respect, she should be given the opportunity to address the membership. She’s at least earned that.


    1. Lewis in Lauderdale · · Reply

      Agree on this, but the FDP is run by DWS who is calling the shots.


  5. Sharon Sjokvist Isern · · Reply

    I had planned to attend to meet her…but will spend my money closer to my home base for now.


  6. This is how they treat the Minority Leader vs how they treat the former Republican leaders for 20 years. Can someone say get your head out of your ass.


  7. Let her speak! Stop covering for chain gang CharLIE!


  8. This convinced me to make a donation to her campaign. She has carried the party banner a long while since the last election and she deserves to be heard. She is very brave.


  9. Florida Dem · · Reply

    With all this pressure Tant will be forced to relent.


  10. Concerned Democrat · · Reply

    Tant is huge disappointment. Fundraising in Q1 despite Kartik’s attempt to explain it was pathetic and mucg worse than anything DWS or Tant promised. The party showed no ability to frame a consistent message during session again relying on progressives like us on the grassroots to get the word out about all the horrible things the legislature was doing. Awful start hope it Improves.


  11. Joseph Miller · · Reply

    Follow the dots, people. The DNC Chair, who never turns down a chance to leave her family and do national TV interviews (can you say unhappy marriage?) put Alison Tant in the FDP chair. Alison does whatever Li’l Debbie tells her to and since Debbie is supporting Charlie, there you go. What’s so sad is Nan always counted Debbie as a friend. Heads up, Nan – the only friend Debbie has is the one she looks at in the mirror. She would step over her own mother to get in front of a camera.


    1. Broward Dem · · Reply



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