Nan Rich J-J snub proving to be story that won’t disappear

As we first reported over a week ago, the Florida Democratic Party has taken a bizarre and frankly indefensible decision to deny the only announced Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich the opportunity to speak. In recent days, the RPOF and its Chairman Lenny Curry has seized on this issue using it as just another issue to hit the Democrats with. Curry has created a twitter hashtag #freenanrich and encouraged Democrats to tweet at FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant to reverse her decision (if it was in fact her decision.)

Curry does sit in a position of credibility to asses this situation. The Republicans have typically allowed candidates of all stripes to speak at their annual Lincoln Day Dinner and have to my recollection never snubbed a recent legislative leader, even ex-Speaker Johnnie Byrd who ran for the US Senate in 2004 as a far more marginal candidate than Rich is and whose Speakership was characterized by divisions within the GOP largely caused by Byrd himself. Yet the Florida GOP while smartly undercutting his candidacy in subtle ways never overtly snubbed him.

The decision by the Florida Democratic Party is curious and without reasonable reasonable explanation. Chairwoman Tant has told both Senator Rich and Broward County Democratic State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson that she was concerned about the length of the J-J dinner and thus denied the speaking request.

Other theories floating around are that Tant does not want to let Rich speak because she is worried about Charlie Crist asking to speak at the dinner while an opposite train thought is also prevailing that Tant may be preventing Rich from speaking to protect Charlie Crist who has yet to announce for Governor. Another theory floating around is that Tant has not actually made the decision but party staffers loyal to Crist have, and that while Tant would like to over rule them she is powerless to do so. Yet another line of speculation states that the FDP wants to continue to focus on Rick Scott specifically and his record rather than promote any Democratic candidate for Governor.

Whatever the real reason for the snub, it is truly unacceptable that a major political party behave in such a manner. Ultimately, with the furor that has build up the party will be forced to back down, or so anyone interested fairness and openness would hope. It is also an unprecedented decision in the recent annals of Florida politics which is why it is garnering so much outrage from people across the political spectrum.


  1. This is quite similar to what the state GOP tried to do to Rubio early in his campaign when Jim Greer was running the show.

    Just imagine how things are going to be when Crist tries to install one of his flunkies as Chair of the FDP.


  2. Really? · ·

    All this outcry from crazy leftists is enabling the GOP. Nan Rich is in fact Rick Scott’s greatest wish.

    Tant deserves credit. She know Crist will walk into the Governors mansion so she’s making sure this fringe candidacy gets nowhere. She is doing the right thing.


    1. A lot of people thought that Crist was going to walk into a Senate seat. He certainly has the ability to prove conventional wisdom wrong.


  3. Dumb Democrats · ·

    Tant is a stubborn controlling dictator.


  4. Blue Dog Dem · ·

    Trust me Tant is petty, and vindictive.

    She’s no leader at all .

    Not a Nan Rich fan but gagging her is plain wrong.


  5. Do you want to win?

    Crist WILL win, Rich cannot.

    Case closed.

    Why Di you persist in this futility??????


  6. No secret as to the why because the why doesn’t matter. Their ridiculous rationale sells to no one. A bigger issue is that the party leadership ALL THE WAY DOWN does not promote good democratic candidates. They promote people that they think will win so when the party sucks up tot hem they can look good. Thy are mostly self serving jerks.

    To Tony: I don’t think it’s futile to make a point that we are supposed to be a party for fairness and openness. Does that mean it’s a waste for voting in a primary because Crist might be in? Who makes the decision that Crist is our choice? Nan Rich is our choice? We do. ANYONE who is a legitimate candidate should be allowed to speak. If you don’t want to hear them, leave.


  7. Florida Dem · ·

    You should be ashamed of this. Either you stand with our party ans iur chair or you stand with Rick Scott.

    All those creating a fuss are making it easier for Scott to get reelected.


  8. Crist is the best thing for the Republicans. The sad part is the Ds like Tanted has no clue. They are going to shut out reach, run Crist, Crist does not win and they will blame Rich. There is more shit on Crist they one can wish for.


  9. Concerned Democrat · ·

    This is totally unacceptable. Tant should be shamed into resigning.


  10. With the Garcia stuff now….all leads back to Jeffrey Garcia and Carol Roberts. Another ally of Crist and the crazy South Palm Beach scumbags…including Sachs. LOSERS


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