Below I will chronicle several incidents of law enforcement excess towards African-Americans in the state of Florida since 1980. This is not meant to provoke a “race war” in the comments section but is intended to raise awareness about what has transpired in this state through the years for those who may not know the […]


During the spring and summer Progressive Choice Florida caused quite a stir through Democratic Party circles. Speculation was that the organization that dumped tens of thousands of dollars into mail and TV attacking Charlie Crist was simply a well-funded Republican front to try and prop up the failing candidacy of Nan Rich. The other motivation […]


With Jeb Bush “exploring” a bid for the Presidency in 2016 now is the perfect time to discuss a timeless classic. Kevin Phillips, who was dubbed in 1995 by one of my Political Science Professors at the University of Florida as “the smartest Republican around,”  is widely viewed as the chief architect of the 1968 […]


Part I can be found here. One of the major talking points around the state during this race, particularly among Democratic activists was about the “burn rate” of spending in the Sheldon Campaign. George Sheldon’s expenses mostly revolved around travel; every little expense counted in the campaign, from food to gas to airline tickets was […]


Democrats from Broward County like to believe they are the ones that matter most – the ones that win the state for Democrats. While Broward provided the margin of victory for Lawton Chiles in 1994 and President Obama in 2012 while also essentially winning the state for Al Gore in 2000 (Miami-Dade can be blamed […]


Unencumbered by any further elections, President Obama took a big step forward on Cuba policy today. This policy change may hurt Democrats in Florida but will help the nation economically. Regardless of your views of the Castro regime and economic sanctions in general it takes either a brave person or someone blinded by ideology to […]

Florida Flag

Florida Republicans have long sold economic growth and tax cuts as the fundamental core of the party’s messaging. While other issues such as school vouchers, restricting women’s reproductive freedom, undermining marriage equality and undermining restrictions on gun ownership have been the sexy headlines in Florida’s papers. But the Republican brand has been based on tax […]


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