Tuesday night at 8pm ET, TFS’ Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will bring you the latest from New Hampshire’s Primary. Tune in live at this link via Rabble.TV.  TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen to the show on your computer, […]

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Ironic since Grayson has formally endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Who says Grayson isn’t a typical politician following the wind?  Text below: This campaign is going to be one for the political science textbooks. Any political consultant in Washington will tell you that if you want to run for office and win, you have to sell […]


Poll closes at 3:30pm Tuesday. Feel free to leave comments below.

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For weeks now we’ve focused on Marco Rubio’s world view – a anti-intellectual right-wing political hack who will say or do anything to be President. Rubio is someone who lacks the basic understanding of macro policy or the intellectual curiosity about the problems of the people to actually do the job he was elected to […]


GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over eight years ago, yet his influence continues to dominate the legislative agenda of the state GOP. His views on education have been particularly damaging and each GOP legislator in our state must pass a “Bush litmus test” on education in order to be in the […]

Rubio 2

A common narrative that has emerged that Donald Trump serves as the ideological heir rhetorically to the likes of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan in pushing buttons using racial code to garner voters. But Florida’s Junior Senator who is anxious to be nominated by the GOP and has been able to maneuver behind a cloak […]

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Richard Nixon’s paranoia was legendary and brought down his Presidency. It also engulfed the nation in a painful scandal. Senator Marco Rubio’s demeanor and background isn’t entirely different than Nixon’s. In fact much of his behavior in the Senate and on the national stage has been similar. Now in a position to claim the GOP […]


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