The world has rightfully expressed scorn and outrage the last few days over the murder of Cecil the Lion. Celebrities as diverse as Sir Roger Moore and Speaker Newt Gingrich have expressed anger about the  unsporting killing of a captive and virtually domesticated animal. If you think this only happens in Africa or some third world […]


This week the nation celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Medicare.  Florida has benefited in particular from the program through the years but not everyone in our Congressional delegation embraced the program in 1965. That was even though we had only two Republicans elected from Florida at the time (and both representing large senior populations voted […]

Kevin Phillips 1775: A Good Year for Revolution is a definitive and intellectual look at the causes of the American Revolution. Like Phillips other woks we’ve reviewed here on the “Bush Dynasty” and the politics of the American wealthy and the developing theocracy that appeared during the 2000’s , Phillips makes any subject interesting. The former Republican political consultant […]


GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over eight years ago, yet his influence continues to dominate the legislative agenda of the state GOP. His views on education have been particularly damaging and each GOP legislator in our state must pass a “Bush litmus test” on education in order to be in the […]


The Ivy League which is today diverse, multicultural experience was once upon a time the bastion of white, protestant elite and racist thought. The so-called Dunning School of history which grew out of Colombia University in the early 1900’s. Quoting Wikipedia: The Dunning School refers to a group of historians who shared a historiographical school of […]


Jeb Bush claims to have a consistent “conservative” ideology. This week, he attacked Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his ridiculous words about Senator John McCain, a former POW in Vietnam. But in Bush’s statement released via Twitter, he rightly indicated that all veterans deserve respect.   Enough with the slanderous attacks. @SenJohnMcCain and all […]


Democratic President never have “any class” according to partisan ideological Republicans. Bill Clinton never should have played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Carter never should have given an interview to Playboy and now President Obama. Florida’s Junior Senator was quoted in regards to a question about Donald Trump by Fox News saying: “We already […]


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