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St Pete Polls: Alan Grayson leads race for Democratic nomination

We’ve talked extensively in the past on this site about St Pete Polls but through the 2014 election cycle, learned that their turnout models were fairly accurate and generally got the right race winners and margins. St Pete Polls had a mixed bag in 2012, but then nailed the CD-13 Special Election in 2014, both […]

Are the State House races really as noncompetitive as St Pete Polls claim?

In the last few days, our friends over at Saint Petersblog have released polling numbers and data from several contentious State House races across Florida. The polls have been conducted by St Pete Polls, whom we have previously both praised ¬†on this site. Before delving too deeply into the qualms I have about the polling […]

Democrats far from dead in State House races

Our friends at Saint Petersblog citing data from a polling firm we think highly of, St Pete Polls have run a succession of articles showing a strong Republican tide in State House races. They even theorize the GOP should be able to jump above 80 seats in the House (a majority they enjoyed from 2004 […]