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What we’re listening to: Russia expert Mark Ames on Unauthorized Disclosure

Mark Ames is uniquely qualified to discuss the “unending baffling frenzy over Trump, Putin, and Russia.” Along with Matt Taibbi, Ames published a satirical magazine in Russia that was shut down by Putin. Their publication, The Exile, provided satire and investigative journalism throughout the fall of the Soviet Union. In this podcast he shares his insight on our complicated relationship […]

Donald Trump, Cuba, conservatism and the American fifth column

Immoral laws are meant to be broken – at least that’s what those of us with morals believe. Donald Trump’s violation of the US embargo against Cuba wasn’t an act of civil disobedience but one of a man with a disregard for the rule of law. “There is only one course open to someone like […]

Ukraine Potpourri: Intensifying Violence leads to Putin Withrdrawal of Troops From Ukrainian Border

If you’ve been paying any mind to the international media, the situation in Ukraine is continuing to snowball and remains a fluid situation with constant updates. In the past few weeks, violence as been erupting all over the Former Soviet Republic  (FSR), pitting pro-Russian separatists against pro- Ukrainian nationalists. Body counts are continuing to rise in the eastern part […]