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GUEST COLUMN: Graham-Cassidy is a Category 5 catastrophe for Florida’s families

GUEST COLUMN by Tim Heberlein Hurricane Irma may be over, but Florida’s families will face the storm’s aftermath for months to come. Those with the greatest barriers and least resources before the storm will face the greatest hardships in recovery, especially low-income women and families who have suffered injury, lost wages, and displacement. At a […]

How Obamacare repeal will impact FL families and children | FLORIDA POLICY INSTITUTE

THE following is a statement from the Florida Policy Institute on today’s vote to replace ACA with AHCA. “The American Health Care Act (AHCA) passed today by the U.S. House of Representatives will have a devastating impact on Florida children and families. There are 24 million people who would stand to lose coverage if this […]

House Democrats and Medicaid – Can the issue stick?

Florida House Republicans do have egg on their face for the dogmatic opposition to any expansion of Medicaid. The Florida Democratic Party’s communications staff did an excellent job of fanning the flames of this last week on social media and in the press, while the party’s house campaign arm aggressively made robo-calls into the districts […]

How hard did Rick Scott push for Medicaid expansion? Let’s ask the Speaker Designee!

Video of Speaker Designee Crisafulli at Sine Die stating that Governor Scott never reached out to him on Medicaid expansion. Video courtesy of Amy Ritter and Florida Watch Action.