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House Democrats and Redistricting Special Session

The Democrats in the Florida House had an interesting week in Special Session. While Republicans wasted taxpayer money fighting over petty spoils and beating up on the Supreme Court, House Democrats attempted from at least a public relations to rise above this pettiness that after all comes from being in power without any sort of […]

House Democrats and campaigns

We wrote on Tuesday about the massive strides being made by House Democrats in the legislative arena, but did not focus closely on the campaign side. Today, House Democrats sit on 39 seats, the same number the party entered the 2012 election cycle with. But the 2010 cycle which reduced Democrats to 39 seats was […]

House Democrats making massive strides

Coming off a difficult election where House Democrats were routed, losing six seats (four of which were carried at the top of the ticket by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist) several positive developments can be reported from the caucus as Legislative Session approaches. Much of the divisiveness that characterized the previous two years of caucus […]

HD-24 race provides a test and opportunity for House Democrats

The special election in House District 24 that has been created by a chain reaction related to John Thrasher’s selection as President of Florida State University should provide an opportunity to show how House Democrats can get their ship in order after a rough campaign cycle. We’ve defended the House Democratic campaign efforts on this […]

Unwillingness of House dissidents to let go at the heart of leadership struggles

Editor’s Note: Kartik Krishnaiyer is traveling abroad for the next 12 days. His phones and email however still are active while he travels and he is in touch with many people across the state. Thus he will continue to cover the Florida political happenings throughout his trip which ends November 25th, though many blog posts […]

School voucher advocates stand to benefit from Taylor/Rouson faction run

Last session House Democrats demonstrated remarkable cohesion on school “choice” issues. Under the leadership of Minority Leader Perry Thurston and incoming leader Mark Pafford, the caucus coalesced behind a position opposing the unprecedented expansion of taxpayer money being siphoned to private schools. This came just a few short years after 24 House Democrats broke ranks […]

Democrats far from dead in State House races

Our friends at Saint Petersblog citing data from a polling firm we think highly of, St Pete Polls have run a succession of articles showing a strong Republican tide in State House races. They even theorize the GOP should be able to jump above 80 seats in the House (a majority they enjoyed from 2004 […]

House Democrats do an about-face and return to accommodationist posture

Today’s budget vote was a very disappointing development considering how well the House Democrats had done earlier this week employing dilatory tactics to make a strong point. Today, many Democrats backed off and praised Speaker Weatherford and the Republicans for their handling of a budget which while decent is laden with partisan priorities and pork. […]