House Democrats do an about-face and return to accommodationist posture

Today’s budget vote was a very disappointing development considering how well the House Democrats had done earlier this week employing dilatory tactics to make a strong point. Today, many Democrats backed off and praised Speaker Weatherford and the Republicans for their handling of a budget which while decent is laden with partisan priorities and pork. The budget also does not expand Medicaid and also is woeful in its funding of human/social services and environmental protection.

Democracy depends on two parties competing in the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately some Florida Democrats do not get that simply being “me-too” Republicans is not a path towards winning seats and worse yet deprives Floridians who disagree with the majorities priorities a voice in the process.

House Democrats did well earlier this week in making Medicaid expansion a priority but they folded like a house of cards when the ultimate point, a vote against a budget which does not expand Medicaid, could have been made.

As we try and reinvigorate the left on the state level it seems to be every time we take a step forward we step right back just days later.


  1. Kartik, Democracy is all about an exchange of idea’s but remember that this is also a country of majority rule…the Dem’s had their protest exhibition but in the end it didn’t change the outcome…the budget isn’t going to change either…ultimately all legislators should support what is for the “common good” – what’s it the best interests of the state…that still allows for anyone to vote no…but remember that John F. Kennedy authored “Profiles in Courage” to document elected officials who voted their conscience and what was in the best interest of the country and not just their party or constituency!


    1. I don’t entirely disagree Barney but my thinking is the budget is passing anyhow, and like Republicans and Democrats in DC do when they are in the minority, use budget votes to whip party unity…then again unlike DC the Dems didn’t offer an alternative. I still remember when Webster used the budget vote in 1996 to test party unity and got most Republicans to vote against the budget. It helped cement his leadership (remember at the time Jim King wanted to be leader in the next term…King of course made deals with the Ds all the time.) and the GOP won the majority and Webster not King was Speaker.

      I do get what you are saying from a policy standpoint. I totally understand that but politically it’s a mistake.


  2. Realist · ·

    You didn’t really expect these chicken sh*t Demos, who elected a former Republican as leader and want to nominate a former Republican for Governor to do differently?

    Scared little children worried about social rejection at tonight’s Sine Die parties.



  3. No shock here sadly!!!!


  4. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Leader Thurston did a credible job of getting our caucus to stand tall and remain unified on some core issues this session.

    Still your point is extremely well taken today. Democrats lack of discipline and willingness to play nice is simply disgusting.

    Time is up for many of them. Primaries are the best way of dealing with this.


  5. Mike Lake Worth · ·

    What was the vote?


  6. Barney (Not Bishop) · ·

    Sorry but environmentally the budget is fair. Fl Forever funded at 70mil, beach projects at 27 mil. Stop whining and call on Gov Scott to call them back this month for the Medicaid issue.


  7. ERT 145 · ·

    The budget is a sham. Social services underfunded, environmental programs funded better than the last three years but still WAY below where they need to be and education funded well but with all kinds of strings. The Republicans do not believe in local control or in protecting the state from large companies that pollute. They love tax breaks. That is the takeaway from this session.

    Yes to Special Session on Medicaid.



    I am embarrassed particularly by the comment of our incoming leader, conservative Republican Darryl Rouson. Is he a Trojan Horse/Manchurian Candidate sent by the Republicans to keep us weak, divided and desperate to make deals?

    He and his buddy Charlie Crist! Does anyone really believe Crist is viable? Scott cannot wait to take him on. Trust me! Crist has so much baggage that Scott’s team will air with the big money they have .

    Is it all a set up ??????????????


  9. The Judge · ·

    Typical and not cool


  10. Every Democrat in the Senate voted for the budget:

    Click to access %3DPL%3D%3DPL%3DVTloC%3DPL%3DmnwKsTEjjHOw0Trup4E%3D%7C14%2FPublic%2FVotes%2FBill%2F20130503%2FSenateVote_s1500e1041.PDF


    17 voted for it while Rader loser walked. These people should ALL have primaries. I have never seen such fools in the Democratic Party. They are all probably on drugs. Vote them all out!

    They are not standing up for anything only their careers


    1. Barney (Not Bishop) · ·

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Rader didn’t walk-he was excused from session today.


  11. WN_Morris · ·

    Nailed it here…

    100% right. Embarrassed by our Dems supporting this budget.


  12. Think! · ·

    Primary em all!!!!


    1. Primary em all? Why don’t we first try to get at least one Democrat to run for every seat?


  13. […] the years, Democratic legislators more motivated by political self-preservation and personal acceptance among the majority of the legislature sold Democracy down the river-In fairness this is nothing new. […]


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