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House Democrats and Medicaid – Can the issue stick?

Florida House Republicans do have egg on their face for the dogmatic opposition to any expansion of Medicaid. The Florida Democratic Party’s communications staff did an excellent job of fanning the flames of this last week on social media and in the press, while the party’s house campaign arm aggressively made robo-calls into the districts […]

SINE DIE not a completely crazy move by the House

The Florida House irresponsibly cut its session short on Tuesday afternoon at 1:15. Or did it? First off let me state that the House position on Medicaid expansion is irreconcilable with the responsibilities of a western industrialized nation. Were Florida to continue down this current path, our state’s health care system will more closely resemble […]

Breaking barriers to health care access in Florida

Florida’s ideological legislature has on two occasions left almost a million Floridians, all of whom are working class without health care.¬†Republican legislators have consistently ignored multiple studies that indicate more jobs will be brought to Florida thanks to the expanded healthcare sector. ¬†They’ve ignored that small businesses who they claim to want to help will […]

How hard did Rick Scott push for Medicaid expansion? Let’s ask the Speaker Designee!

Video of Speaker Designee Crisafulli at Sine Die stating that Governor Scott never reached out to him on Medicaid expansion. Video courtesy of Amy Ritter and Florida Watch Action.

House Democrats do an about-face and return to accommodationist posture

Today’s budget vote was a very disappointing development considering how well the House Democrats had done earlier this week employing dilatory tactics to make a strong point. Today, many Democrats backed off and praised Speaker Weatherford and the Republicans for their handling of a budget which while decent is laden with partisan priorities and pork. […]

Pam Bondi: The Partisan Attorney General Conservatives Long Dreamed About

This week Attorney General Pam Bondi furthered her right-wing credentials by attacking Governor Scott’s willingness to enroll Florida in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Bondi’s action continues a long standing pattern of partisan and ideological purity which may not serve the best interest of Floridians but has the most reactionary conservatives all over […]