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Joe Biden is referred to as a moderate. How centrist was his voting record relative to the times and other members of Congress?

The media narrative that Joe Biden represents the moderate third way has been aided by the attacks of other candidates for Democratic nomination on both his US Senate voting record and on the Obama Administration. Given this general acceptance of his moderation I decided to dig deeper because never have I as a keen political […]

From Columbine to Stoneman Douglas: what have we learned?

By Dr. Rachel Pienta For the past ten days, like so many Americans, I have been immersed in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting. I have worked in schools all of my professional life – as a teacher, professor, and parent volunteer. I was in graduate school, teaching future teachers, when the Columbine shooting […]

In the wake of the MSDHS shooting we must remain angry but listen to one another

I’ve waited ten days to comment on this website about the school shooting because unlike other school shootings or tragedies or terrorist events, this one not only happened in my nation (San Bernandino, Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc), my state (Pulse) or my county (FLL shooting) but happened in my backyard, just literally around the corner […]

Darren Soto politicizes Orlando tragedy despite years of NRA support

Our friend Peter Schorsch has an exquisite takedown of Darren Soto’s record on guns in wake of his highly politicized call for a Special Session of the Florida Legislature after the Orlando tragedy. Soto’s record on guns as Schorsch points out is consistent over the years including as recently as last year. Schorsch writes: Rather […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: DC Cruzin For A Brusin: Gunslinger Ted Cruz can redefine the Senate and maybe the 21st conservative movement too

  By Steven Kurlander kurly@stevenkurlander.com There’s a young, brash new sheriff in DC town, a very smart gunslinger. He’s come on a mission to reform dysfunction conservative politics in Washington and reposition a lackluster and devolving GOP back in the “right” direction. While most freshmen Senators historically have been expected to lay low and work […]