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March 7, 2000: Session kicks off with March on Tallahassee

Legislative session beginning on March 7 reminds me of 2000 – when as a staffer I had to get to the Capitol before 7 am as did everyone else working in the building because of a massive justified protest – that by Floridians against Governor Jeb Bush’s attempts to gut civil rights protections for African […]

Should Rick Scott’s poll numbers renew an interest in defining environmental issues?

The Florida Chamber poll that was released yesterday created headlines because it showed Donald Trump leading in the Sunshine State by a double-digit GOP Primary margin over Florida’s sitting Republican US Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush even further back. But lost in some of the hype around the poll was that according […]

Worrying poll numbers forcing Jeb Bush to rewrite history?

Despite all of the discussion that Governor Jeb Bush is a principled thinker we’ve stated time and again his is simply an opportunistic politician who lacks his brother’s gift for connecting with ordinary folks or his father’s gift for intellect. Instead Bush’s political career is characterized by a bad temper and sense of entitlement. The […]

Monday Musings – Rick Scott Inaugural, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and immigration reform, legislative right-wing agenda, Broward County or Fort Lauderdale?

While there are some big names coming to Rick Scott’s inauguration, the event keeps being played down as a low key affair. Even though the Governor has much to celebrate, the $800,000 affair will be the most under-celebrated inauguration in recent history. However, a look at the donors make it very clear who will be […]

The “new” “reinvented” Jeb Bush a Presidential contender

Nobody in Florida’s journalist circles did a better job of covering the heavy-handed borderline dictatorship at times that was Governor Jeb Bush’s reign better than S.V. Date, then of the Palm Beach Post. Date held Bush’s feet to the fire like no other reporter in the state. He had the courage to say what needed […]

PPP Poll Takeaway & Is Jeb Growing Envious of Rubio?

Beating up on Governor Jeb Bush over his failed press tour and his two consecutive 180 degree flips on immigration is too easy, and not worthy of any more column inches. But what is interesting in the recently released PPP poll is that Marco Rubio’s views on immigration are now far clearer and better known […]