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Find Your Perfect Beach: A Tale of Poor Planning for Customary Use on 30A

  By now, you have heard people grumbling about Rick Scott signing the Private Beach Anti-Customary Use Law (HB631) this year. The new law has opened a can of worms that may take years to sort out. It has also laid bare some of the state’s most inept leaders and corrupt political missteps to finally […]

Snapshot of Florida Politics in 1979

I am an avid collector or Michael Barone’s Almanac of American Politics series, going back to the 1970s. The fact that Barone has turned his once solid and unrivaled commentary in conservative hack writing in the 2010′s should not detract from his earlier works. Barone still posses an uncanny knowledge today which makes his Almanac […]

Zest of the Day: ALEC Pushing Fracking Bill in Legislature

Anybody who has watched the critically acclaimed documentary Gasland knows what a threat fracking poses. Unfortunately, ALEC the most influential body on the Florida Legislature has once again asserted its will and we have a dangerous fracking bill on the House floor today. This is a model bill distributed both by  (ALEC), as first revealed […]

Zest of the Day: As the “Trial of the Century” heats up, Florida Sues BP

The “Trial of the Century” regarding BP and the Deepwater Horizon has been underway for a week now. The best coverage online is found at the Financial Times website. Florida just announced it is suing BP, more from the News-Herald.

Zest of the Day: SW Florida Leads the State in Job Growth

Job growth thanks largely to rampant development and growing tourism in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers and Naples metropolitan areas SW Florida tops the state in job growth. (As an aside, I feel that at some point the Census Bureau needs to combine the Cape Coral MSA and the Naples MSA as SW Florida is losing […]

AIF Legislative Priorities Largely Dangerous But Contain Some Nice Surprises

Through the years Associated Industries of Florida has become an extreme organization, more or less advocating unfettered free enterprise in the state and tort reform as the solution for just about every situation that may involve a degree of liability. While AIF has the usual list of dangerous tax breaks in this year’s agenda (which […]