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Patrick Murphy deserves praise for courageous decision on Iran

Monday afternoon was littered for me with discussion of the lawsuit my former employer the North American Soccer League (NASL) has contemplated filing against our governing body US Soccer which it accuses of being in collusion with Major League Soccer (MLS). So an important event slipped by me. Congressman Patrick Murphy, the front-runner for the […]

Do political endorsements add up within the Democratic Party?

As always much is being made about endorsements for a Democratic candidate running statewide. Congressman Patrick Murphy, who has surrounded himself with smart pols, has the backing of most of the party establishment both in DC and Florida. Much of the establishment is sweaty about the possibility of Congressman Alan Grayson getting into the Senate […]

Guest Column – Patrick Murphy:  The Democratic Party’s Dream Candidate

By Matthew Isbell  Several major names in the Florida Democratic Party have been mentioned as possible contenders for the Senate seat in 2016.  With Rubio still deciding on his plans, many Democrats are looking to advance onward.  Despite a low bench on the state, Democrats still find themselves with several possible candidates.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the […]

FOX News discussion on CD-18 Race

We would normally never post something from FOX News but this discussion which included one-time Charlie Crist confidante and Broward Republican Party Chair George LeMieux was fantastic for its spin in claiming that Congressman Patrick Murphy is vulnerable.