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The industry-backed deceit behind Amendment 1 includes Democrats

Florida’s Amendment 1 represents one of the great shams in the recent electoral history of the state. An industry-backed effort by power companies to short circuit the effort to harness solar power in the state of Florida. For some Democrats, particularly those close to the capitol in Tallahassee alliance with industry and the almighty dollar […]

Utilities and Amendment 1 – the industry fleecing of Florida can be stopped November 8

Amendment 1 on the November 8 ballot is perhaps the single biggest farce ever proposed to be placed in the Florida Constitution. Given the long history of bizarre ballot efforts, that is saying a great deal. But this is perhaps the first time an entire industry that has bought its way to creating anti-consumer monopolies […]

TFS Podcast: Florida votes, Clinton emails, Murphy tax returns, Rubio money advantage, Crist v Jolly and Amendment 1

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed a variety of topics on this show: – Presidential campaign Where it stands in Florida Clinton email scandal and FBI Director James Comey’s actions National trends 2016 = 1996?  – US Senate race Murphy tax releases not forthcoming – does it matter? Rubio pulling ahead in recent polls. Did […]