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How the Republicans Can Win the Senate Redistricting Fight

Cheers, political jabs, and more mockery came this week as the legislative Republicans asked the court to draw the Senate maps instead of having a five-day trial next month.  They argued that any map they will submit will automatically be on trial and because there was not clear factors to consider like the Congressional maps […]

House Races and the Democratic Campaign Bench

It is no secret that the Florida Democrats desperately need to pick-up some seats in the house this next election cycle. While there is little hope in pushing any progressive reforms, there has to be defensive measures in play to curtail Representative Corcoan’s “Burn It Down” philosophy when he takes over in the 2017 session. […]

TFS Radio Episode 3 – Jeb Bush and FDP Convention Review

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed Jeb Bush’s sinking Presidential campaign as well as the full weekend of activity at the Florida Democratic Party convention on TFS Radio Episode 3. Check it out the archived broadcast here.   TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen […]

It’s Time to Talk Candidate Recruitment – Part Two

We talk a lot on this blog about building a bench, so for the weekend of convention it seems fitting that we try to focus the discussion candidate recruitment. The future success of the Florida Democratic Party depends on drastic changes in the way that they draft, mentor, and train candidates, so it seems logical […]

The Florida Legislative Races in 2016: Political Climate

Since 1998, Republicans in Florida have held a majority in both chambers of state government as well as the Governorship, leading to one party rule. In that time, Democrats have switched back and forth between minority and super-minority status in the state house, switching back and forth between non-Presidential and Presidential years, even though Florida […]