Why is the Governor acting as a cheap pitchman for an antibody treatment (that may not be effective against the Delta variant)?

Governor DeSantis has not spoken once in the last several days publicly (to our knowledge, of course many of Governor’s events aren’t announced to the media so who knows about private get-together’s for right-wing activists) about vaccines and he has continued his war on masking, using preemption and extra-constitutional means to stop local governments, School Boards and private companies from mitigating the spread of COVID-19 which is racking up a record number of new cases in Florida each week. Florida racked up over 150,000 new COVID-19 cases and a 1,000 new deaths last week alone.

But while the Governor isn’t into inexpensive prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 and in fact seems to be encouraging its spread far and wide in Florida, he appears to be acting like a cheap TV pitchman for a pricey treatment method once someone is afflicted with the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The Governor’s increasingly distant figure and use of on average every third tweet he sends from his official account over the last week to Regeneron is highly suspicious. It’s even more interesting given a recent study has indicated antibody treatments like Regeneron have limited capacity against stronger variants like Delta.

So what is at play for the Governor as he does his “As seen on TV” act perhaps inspired seditionist and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell whom we’re almost positive the Governor would like in his camp for a 2024 Presidential Run?

Maybe Lindell is DeSantis’ hero?

Many claim that DeSantis is a “pay-to-play politician” which might explain his extreme ideological inconsistencies (which we’ve spent months discussing on this site) while claiming he’s a some sort of doctrinaire “conservative.” Performative art is part of “conservatism” these days, so it is possible DeSantis is trying to be a Lindell-style right-wing celebrity and this has nothing to do with donations (again I object to using the terms “conservative” and “right” because much of DeSantis’ behavior and use of government power is more reminiscent of Stalin and the Soviet Union than anything conservative).

But many believe DeSantis is pushing Regeneron because of big donations. And here we thought DeSantis was a true man of the people since he’s been attacking the big bad corporations who have the temerity to want to regulate their own workplaces to keep employees and customers safe! (or it is possible DeSantis is pushing Regeneron because he likes to be in front of cameras and absolutely objects to talking about vaccines or masks in a positive way, so this is a diversionary tactic?)

Some tweets below that seem to tell a story of potential “pay-to-play”

Whether the Governor is being swayed by donation or just cold heartless “I don’t care if Floridians get sick, but once they are ill we’ll intervene” thoughts, or being cheap celebrity TV pitchman it’s not a good look.

But really once again we are asked, how pathetically low can our Governor go?


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  3. Your vaccine you got isn’t even effective lol. I’m sure you wish you got another type of jab from Fauci. Just curious on if that jab requires you being on your knees or bent over


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