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Future passage of Medical Marijuana might require John Morgan to take a back seat

Despite losing an effort to legalize medical marijuana in 2014, proponents are looking to revive the effort for 2016 when turnout will increase thanks to a Presidential election and a US Senate race. While John Morgan was the driving force in 2014, he might well be need to be marginalized publicly for the effort to […]

Rep. Taylor’s leadership bid failing thanks to strong progressive voices

Dwayne Taylor’s bid to become Democratic House Leader is on life support. The progressive community throughout the state has rallied against the faction associated with former House Democratic Leader–designate Darryl Rouson’s coup attempt. This effort to tear apart the Democratic caucus has been actively backed by Republican legislators, corporate and insurance lobbyists as well as […]

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin speaks on FDP changes

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is a recognized statewide leader in the Democratic Party has penned this letter with regards to recent FDP changes. TFS is honored to run this letter from someone who has been a great supporter of this site and of progressive causes throughout the state of Florida.  In the […]

Guest Column: Making LEAD Really Work

Editors Note: Nick Steffens a prominent Broward politico has penned this piece for TFS. Following Election 2014 we invite all our readers to submit thoughts about where the Democratic Party goes from here. These guest columns do NOT need to conform to TFS’ editorial views to be published. We are looking to stimulate discussion and […]

Concerns about the new FDP LEAD Task Force and why Chairwoman Tant must remain Chair

The clamoring for change from the masses of rank-in-file Democrats was heard loud and clear by Chairwoman Allison Tant. While many activists throughout the state are publicly dissatisfied with her reaction to the 2014 electoral debacle, I remain fully convinced Chairwoman Tant should remain in the job and have no doubts that she will continue […]

Lessons of Hope and Caution from Gwen Graham

Gwen Graham’s victory was the one bright spot on election day, defeating Steve Southerland in Congressional District 2.  Her win gives hope for the red areas of the state, especially in the panhandle where Crist’s defeat was cemented, and gives hope for Democrats in rural North Florida in places that Democrats have not dared run […]

Rep. Dwayne Taylor seeking secret ballot for House leadership vote – time to for progressives to stand up

Rep. Dwayne Taylor who is challenging House Democratic Leader-Designate Mark Pafford for the leadership of the Democratic Caucus the next two years has asked for a secret ballot in next week’s vote. Rep. Taylor filed an amendment yesterday to the caucus rules to dispense with the voice vote for leader and allow a secret ballot. […]

Unwillingness of House dissidents to let go at the heart of leadership struggles

Editor’s Note: Kartik Krishnaiyer is traveling abroad for the next 12 days. His phones and email however still are active while he travels and he is in touch with many people across the state. Thus he will continue to cover the Florida political happenings throughout his trip which ends November 25th, though many blog posts […]

Election 2014: Winners and Losers – Part IV

– Part 1  – Part 2 – Part 3 BIGGEST WINNER SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND TALLAHASSEE LOBBYISTS Special interests, corporate lobbyists and Tallahassee insiders celebrated Rick Scott and Pam Bondi’s reelection along with the Republican super-majority in the House. Fear about Charlie Crist’s populist campaign and rhetoric about corporate greed, the insurance industry, climate change, protecting […]

Should FDP Executive Director Scott Arceneaux resign?

TFS has no formal opinion on this matter but we want to gauge  the opinion of Democratic activists across the state. Scott Arceneaux is a more professional Executive Director than the party has previously employed in the opinion of Kartik Krishnaiyer, but our writers all agree that with another cycle of loses under our belt […]