Should FDP Executive Director Scott Arceneaux resign?

TFS has no formal opinion on this matter but we want to gauge  the opinion of Democratic activists across the state. Scott Arceneaux is a more professional Executive Director than the party has previously employed in the opinion of Kartik Krishnaiyer, but our writers all agree that with another cycle of loses under our belt the question has to be asked about whether he should remain in the job for a fourth election cycle.  Vote in the poll after the jump.


  1. democrats on the ground · ·

    Of course he needs to. Badly. Time is up.


  2. Sorry, this train has already left the station! Our easily hacked electronic vote switching machines and a Nevadan’s millions plus two Kansas billionaires’ millions cranking out nonstop bilious TV ads which drove many voters to stay home in disgust Nov. 4th–all converged while DPOF snoozed to give us 4 more years with the crooks in charge. Add that to the deadly Jeb years which yielded us our first illegitimate president in 225 years or so and you have a formula for the demise of all but the top 5% or so in Florida. We have passed the point of rehabbing this state for ordinary Floridians to do other than eke out a subsistence, and God help the poor! Look for a quiet exodus and a second collapse of the hallowed real estate market. Who heads up the minority party hardly matters, the shysters are in place to guarantee a Republican in the WH in 2016. The mob would be proud. . .


  3. He’s the only sane one over there. Ulvert, Tant et al. need to go. But Scott should stay.


  4. Thos isn’t even worth debating. He has to go.


  5. With these election results, what makes anyone think we need to change the Party? The FDP failed us badly throughout the State. I think Ulvert screwed us badly in Miami Dade. We are now irrelevant in the legislature.


  6. Brightest light among dim bulbs does not mean he is any good!


  7. Pinellas Democrat · ·

    Seriously why are we focused on the employees? It is the boss that gives the orders and should be held accountable. The person in CHARGE has to go, and I don’t mean replaced with another handpicked Debbie “I am the greatest gift” Schultz, Nelson or consultant puppet.


    1. demodaysi · ·

      Tant came in with no knowledge of how the FDP works. She was taking leads from Arceneaux. He should go and she should follow ASAP.


      1. Pinellas Democrat · ·

        That’s ridiculous. You have to fired the boss. That is the top line of accountability. Ultimately the the person in charge gets all the glory or the blame. Well there wasn’t much glory in the sunshine state last Tuesday.

        If you want to kill a snake you cut off the head.


  8. J M Hamilton · ·

    The foundation of FDP(Caucuses and other major issues) was cracked and crumbled long before the election. We can not continue to keep doing the same things expecting different results.


  9. InsiderMyself · ·

    Just got this in an email and he’s correct! Tant must go now!
    To Tell the Truth – FLA Committeeman calls for Florida Democratic Party Chair to Resign!

    Greetings Allison Tant Richard*,
    I heard your interview this morning on NPR regarding the outcome of Florida’s midterm elections. It was less than forthright or honest nor did it explain how Democrats could not unseat the most unpopular governor in the country and the history of the state.

    Please let me help.

    To tell the truth the real reason is that the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) “leadership” hand picked, courted and promoted their candidate prior to the primary in blatant violation of our bylaws and democratic ideals. A worse candidate could not be found. Besides the fact he is an elitist, a corporatist, and a player representing special interests over public interests. He is also a Republican turned Independent turned Democrat … a DINO! Charlie Crist came with so much baggage he couldn’t even board a plane! Also the choice virtually assured that no rank and file Republican, whose party believes that he betrayed them, would ever vote for him. If it were my intent to see four more years of Scott, Crist certainly would have been the number one choice.

    Unfortunately it gets even worse than that as FDP “leadership” not only ignored the best candidate but engaged in obstructionism as Nan Rich had filed to run, while Crist was only a twinkle in their eye. Nan Rich was not permitted to address the Florida Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson (presently called Leadership Blue) Dinner (make sure you check out the comments at the end of this link) where the FDP was trying to convince Crist to announce his intention to seek the governorship as a Democrat.

    Nan Rich was the winning ticket, a woman with an impeccable record of championing public interests over special interests, no skeletons, and no baggage. All of those Republicans that hated Scott would have voted for her, but not Crist! The FDP decided otherwise completely ignoring, even obstructing, Nan Rich’s candidacy before the primary, again a direct, blatant, and egregious violation of state bylaws and our democratic ideals.

    Nan Rich was clearly the best choice both for the people of Florida and the defeat of Scott. She would have been easy to promote. If the FDP had spent the same time, effort and money to promote Nan Rich as they did Crist they would have had a candidate to bring out women, the young, the disenfranchised, and the independent voters of this state. Instead they not only ignored her, along with the lame stream media, but they obstructed her candidacy at every opportunity, even going so far as to hold rallies for Crist throughout the state prior to the primary, again a blatant and egregious violation of our bylaws and democratic ideals!

    So, Allison Tant Richard as you have personally admitted, as Florida’s Democratic Party Chair, that you are responsible for four more years of Scott, please do us all a big favor and immediately tender your resignation, so that you can go back to South Florida to purge more African Americans from the voter rolls.

    * Husband is Barry Richard,

    lead attorney for Dubya Bush in the stolen 2000 election, when our country suffered a Judicial Coup d’ etat under an improper ruling of SCOTUS which quashed the Florida Supreme Court’s decision that all of Floridian’s votes must be counted under Florida law, the result being that tens of thousands of votes cast went uncounted, and our state’s electoral votes were wrongly awarded to Dubya. Later a consortium of media outlets forced and financed an actual recount implicitly following the requirements under Florida law conducted by our capital county’s Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, which determined ]Al Gore won the election!

    Unfortunately this wasn’t the last election to be stolen…

    Richard is a registered Democrat … a DINO, just like his wife!

    Thanks, peace and be well,
    Clay G. Colson
    Precinct 36 Committeeman
    Pasco DEC.
    Public need over corporate greed


  10. The FDP has been marginalized to the point of near nonexistence, not by tepid or inept management, although we may have that, but by MONEY. I don’t give a rat’s whiskers who’s in charge, if they have no resources to motivate voters to get to the polls on Election Day they are going to get beat.
    Social media hammered the successes of the Obama presidency, ad nauseam, yet the other team was able to use Obama as a mace over voters on TV and radio. They had the money.


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