TFS Announces 2014 Election Project and Google Hangout Plan

flsqueeze5Having recently completed Blue With Envy: My American Journey with Manchester City and been offered the opportunity to write another book (this time in monograph form) on a historical topic, I have developed a longer-form writing and research bug which I would like to translate to Florida-related subjects.

With this in mind The Florida Squeeze has decided to announce that we will be publishing our own ebooks, including a work by myself and Ryan Ray looking at the inner workings of the Florida Democratic Party and its impact on the 2014 gubernatorial, cabinet and legislative elections. Other topics related to Florida political history and economics are being explored by our writers.

Today we are also announcing that we’ll be hosting periodical live Google Hangouts (which will instantly upload to YouTube for on-demand viewing) during the election season bringing together academics, activists and elected officials to discuss the pertinent political and policy issues of the time.

In the last six months I have hosted or participated in multiple Google Hangouts. What I have discovered in the process is that it is the most interactive way to create live and on demand programming that can appeal to a broad audience and engage the viewers. Check out the TFS Google +  page, which we will also begin to use to distribute videos and photos from third party sites that do not require a full news story.

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Thanks to all our readers for their continued support. We look forward to bringing these new ideas to you as we continue to grow the content and scope of this website.



  1. Love it!

    No proper exposé on the FDP and it’s corrosive influence on the electoral process and our elected officials has been written.


  2. More party bashing from this site. Maybe you will glorify the “movement” behind Darryl Rouson and Alan Clendenin while pissing all over the actual party. At least that is what it smells like.

    Some malcontents in the House and Senate caucus will like this read as will some crazy bitter activists and legislative staff, but for the most part it will garbage.


    1. Hey Foe.

      I live in Tallahassee and follow this stuff like it’s my job, which partly it is, because I love it and care about wresting the legislature and Governor’s Mansion away from the Republicans — who have turned the state government into an ugly spiritual slaughterhouse — pretty much more than anything. Let’s get dinner sometime.


  3. Floridian · ·

    Sounds great. Google hangouts are the newest and coolest thing. I also recommend you maybe write a book on the legacy of the Democratic governors. Seems to be a subject you guys know a lot about.


  4. Thank you Kartik. You and your staff are greatly appreciated. The only thing that separates us from Fascism and enslavement is insightful and brave voices that speak truth to power and refuse to be intimidated….. Hummm… Sounds like a lady I know running for governor..


  5. Florida Democrats · ·

    I would certainly hope you make an effort to represent accurately the benefit to the party both Crist and the younger, never FDP leadership team gives. Please be balanced.


    1. We will be balanced. The rest of your comments are garbled and I don’t know what you mean.


  6. Google Hangouts!

    Awesome IDEA!

    Basically a low budget TV type setup, assuming you guys have good webcams. Could be a GREAT thing.

    Best of luck!


    1. Yeah, basically TFS TV.


  7. Blue Dog Dem · ·

    Really looking forward to this!


  8. Concerned Democrat · ·

    This is great news but I hope it doesn’t impact your excellent output during election season.


    1. Thanks, it won’t impact what we produce on the site.


  9. Fla Dem Insider · ·

    Hopefully you will rely on sources beyond House members and their staff to give you insight on the party.

    This website has chosen time and again to align itself with off the reservation elected officials over the party itself.

    There are ways you guys can prove your loyalty to the Democratic Party. There will be testing the coming weeks and months that hopefully you will pass.


    1. I’m leaving this comment up so folks can see the types of threats that sometimes come our way.

      Quite frankly I have ZERO idea what you are talking about regarding “tests” and “off the reservation” elected officials.

      Our sources are well beyond House members by the way. You might believe that is the source of everything but it is far beyond that. The discontent towards the party at the grassroots level is extensive as is anger about the distant nature of some of the party’s directives. I would submit you can go to any large county in the state and find a great number of the leading Democratic activists and operatives angry at the FDP.

      It is not just House members.


      1. If these tests are as good as FDP’s candidate screening, I think TFS will be alright.



    2. Patti Lynn · ·

      “Loyalty” to the Democratic Party does not mean that you must agree with everything that the Party does. There have been some major Boo Boo s by the Party, such as refusing to allow NAN RICH to speak at their state convention. Catering to the “Money People,” to the detriment of Democratic ideals is another bone of contention. I will take Kartik’s comments over the official reports from the FDP any day.


  10. Having read your blue book I hope this is as good. I’m not even a big soccer fan but I loved it. Besides tons of politics in there anyway!


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