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Laundry list of excuses again don’t add up after another Democratic defeat

Florida Democrats have entered their comfort zone- the season of making excuses. Democrats in Florida are incredibly proficient and adept at one important aspect of political campaigns – generating creative talking points in justifying losing campaigns. Once again in a big race a Democrat has fallen short, and once again no doubt those in and […]

Born again liberal Alvin Brown and the hypocrisy of the Democratic establishment

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has shifted his campaign rhetoric sharply to the left in recent days following four years of centrist governing and sinking poll numbers. Brown’s opponent former RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry has taken advantage of the incumbent Mayors unease with the Democratic base to race ahead in polling ahead of the May 19th […]

The Power of Positive Campaigning in Jacksonville — Big Money vs. Small Money

By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the 2015 Jacksonville Mayoral & City Council Campaigns. It is the second article in a special series profiling the upcoming Primary & General Elections.  As the politicos jump head first into the maelstrom that is Jacksonville campaigning and with the start of Early Voting on March […]