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Will President Trump be the first US President in a generation to stand up to imperialist warmongers? Iran decision will inform us.

Whether it was the backing of death squads in Central America, preemptive war designed to further US economic interests in Iraq, unmanned illegal drone strikes in Pakistan , oddly timed coups, repeated election interference abroad, or dozens of other imperialist actions that have spread discord globally, the United States throughout my lifetime has been the […]

Trump policy tilt toward Saudi Arabia a mistake

President Trump’s decision to arbitrarily violate the Iran Nuclear Deal and continue to align American interests with the repressive Saudi Arabian regime signals to the world that the US is far from concerned about human rights, misogyny and the treatment of immigrant guest worker populations. It also indicates the United States isn’t open to persuasion […]

Governor Scott and the nullification of federal policy regarding Iran

Governor Rick Scott continues to stick his nose in places where it does not belong. Under reactionary right-wing leadership the state of Florida has attempted to develop an alternative foreign policy in some areas to that which is undertaken by the United States Government.  Be it on issues of Cuba, Sudan, Iran or other matters, […]

Politics dominating Iran discussion – Historical precedents ominous

The discussion around the Iran nuclear agreement made by the Obama Administration as a result of the PS + 1 talks has been wholly political.  Of course the sort of illogical rhetoric grounded in talking points from special interest groups is to be expected from Florida’s Junior Senator and Presidential aspirant Marco Rubio, but it’s […]

Will some south Florida Democrats defect to Marco Rubio thanks to President Obama’s foreign policy?

I will be perfectly honest — I sat with folded hands in recent weeks as I watched some of my fellow progressives in south Florida take to social media to attack President Obama’s Middle East policies and cheer Benjamin Netanyahu on to victory in Israel’s recent General Election. Some of these same progressives have attacked the […]

Iran letter shows once again that Marco Rubio is #notreadyforprimetime

In an absolutely shocking development, 47 Republican Senators interjected themselves harmfully into the foreign policy mire yesterday by signing an ill-advised and potentially dangerous letter regarding Iran. After the backlash ensued, one of the letter’s signatories, Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio doubled down this morning claiming he’d sign another similar letter. In fairness to the […]