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Ethnocentric nationalism and the crisis of the Anglo-American world

This week, Boris Johnson will almost certainly become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His elevation to one of the most prominent and visible positions in the western world represents the latest threat to liberal multi ethnic democracy in an era of growing social and racial strife. Johnson, a former professional writer and […]

Governor Scott and the nullification of federal policy regarding Iran

Governor Rick Scott continues to stick his nose in places where it does not belong. Under reactionary right-wing leadership the state of Florida has attempted to develop an alternative foreign policy in some areas to that which is undertaken by the United States Government.  Be it on issues of Cuba, Sudan, Iran or other matters, […]

April’s GOP Flavor of the Month: Why Marco Rubio and can it last?

Florida’s Junior Senator has shot up the Republican Presidential rankings in recent weeks, becoming without any question a top-tier candidate. Rubio leads some national polling and unlike other candidates in both parties has had an almost flawless campaign launch. How exactly did this happen, and why is Rubio suddenly a real contender for the GOP […]

The Rubio Renaissance

We’ve long mocked the foreign policy credentials and domestic rhetoric of Florida’s Junior Senator, but it appears at this point in time, Marco Rubio is making a very calculated, somewhat quiet yet effective comeback on the national stage. Rubio has risen from being falling star, dead Presidential candidate and potentially endangered one-term Senator to top-tier Republican […]

Iran letter shows once again that Marco Rubio is #notreadyforprimetime

In an absolutely shocking development, 47 Republican Senators interjected themselves harmfully into the foreign policy mire yesterday by signing an ill-advised and potentially dangerous letter regarding Iran. After the backlash ensued, one of the letter’s signatories, Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio doubled down this morning claiming he’d sign another similar letter. In fairness to the […]

Jeb Bush’s phony declaration of independence

“I love my father and my brother. I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make. “But I am my own man.” Jeb Bush made this declaration yesterday in a major speech in Chicago. Bush’s speech was curious. He claimed he is his own man then spent the rest […]

Marco Rubio encountering media critics on foreign policy flip-flops

Marco Rubio has consistently gotten things wrong on foreign policy, a subject he knows little about and should stay away from. Florida’s Junior Senator but leading media star simply spouts out talking points or finds new ways to contradict the administration even if it means he is constantly flip-flopping. Within the last 48 hours both […]

Putin’s RealPolitik Catches United States and Allies Flat Footed; Must Respond With United Voice

Authors Note: In this part of our multi-part series “The Liberal Case For US/NATO Intervention In Ukraine,” I’ll examine why the international community should regard Russia’s incursion into Ukraine as an act of war, what options the international community and the United States have at their disposal to punish Vladimir Putin and Russia for said […]