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Gwen Graham, “The Third Way” and a possible statewide run

Newly elected Congresswoman Gwen Graham is not your average freshman. As the daughter of of a former Florida Governor and US Senator her visibility from the word go was higher than just about any other Democratic Congressional challenger in the nation. Then in a wipe-out year for Democrats on so many levels she became one […]

School “choice” supporters playing in Special Election Democratic primary

School “choice” supporters this week dumped a hard-hitting negative mail piece against Rep. Reggie Fullwood. ┬áThe Jacksonville-based State Rep. is locked in a battle for reelection against a more conservative Democrat who is being backed by school voucher groups and covertly by ┬áthe remaining elements of the small dissident faction in the House Democratic Caucus. […]

Democratic Unity Essential on Gun Legislation

The extremist Tallahassee gun lobby is now several years into kicking the dead horse of liberalizing our gun laws. Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director/NRA spirit animal Marion P. Hammer and her legislative surrogates in the Republican majority have ensured that gun control is off the table since the Jeb Bush administration, if not before. […]

Legislative Power Grab “Wage Theft” Vote Indicates the Strength of House Democratic Unity and Majority Party Arrogance

Yesterday’s legislative “wage theft” vote (HB1125) which is essentially another power grab by a “small government” “conservative” House showed the power of unity that the Democratic caucus has created over the past two months. Earlier this week I speculated about the cohesion of the caucus on the upcoming session defining votes. The Democratic caucus remained […]