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FL Dems put thumb on scale in chair race (no other way to say it)

Today the Florida Democratic Party convened a judicial committee to hear complaints against the two front-runners in the race to lead the party. Candidates Alan Clendenin and Stephen Bittel both faced challenges to their bids to chair the party, but only one survived. For now. See note at end. The fact that the FDP chose […]

FDP Chairs Race: The Establishment Strikes Back!

A few weeks ago it looked like Alan Clendenin, the runner up four years ago for Florida Democratic Party Chair would either not qualify to run or be an afterthought. But after Clendenin found a way to qualify via rural Bradford County, and the establishment candidates in the FDP Chairs Race, particularly Stephen Bittel and […]

2017 FDP chairs race – a look back

By Dr. Rachel Pienta Like many Democrats across the nation, I’ve been engaged in some political introspection since November. For this Florida Democrat, the national victories of the Obama presidency served as a soothing blue balm to counteract the red tide that has dominated state politics since the mid-1990s.    In the final weeks of […]

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin speaks on FDP changes

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is a recognized statewide leader in the Democratic Party has penned this letter with regards to recent FDP changes. TFS is honored to run this letter from someone who has been a great supporter of this site and of progressive causes throughout the state of Florida.  In the […]