Florida Democrats at a crossroads

Which way will things go? 

Economic Issues

Broward County

Moderate voter myth

I-75 Corridor 

Making DEC’s really work 

Term Limits, Legislators, Party Building and Office Shopping 

Rules Reform 

Rules Reform suggestions 



  1. Kartik: Good analysis of Alan Grayson’s ascendency over Patricki Murphy. Principles and integrity count. We don’t need another Charlie Crist fiasco.
    Chester Just
    Member -Board of Directors
    Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

  2. terra carni · · Reply

    (A little humor)
    Up Comin’s in the White House
    by Terra Carni
    Rhyme by James Whitcomb Riley
    Ol’ Bernie Sanders comin’ to the White House one day,
    An’ wash the dems an’ ‘publicans up, an’ brush corruption away,
    An’ shoo the lobbyists off the porch, an’ straighten up Wall Street,
    We all make a living wage. We can afford his board-an’-keep;
    An’ all of us progressives, now that the work is gettin’ done,
    We can stream Young Turks on YouTube an’ have the mostest fun
    A-list’nin’ to the stories that they warned us all about,
    An’ the journalists ‘at gets you
    If you

    Once there was a rich ol’ boy who loved to talk and talk,–
    He insulted all kinds of folks; causing conservatives to balk.
    Mexicans and Muslims were pissed off and good ol’ gals yelled foul.
    An’ when New Jersey turned against him he ‘gan to snort and howl,
    He raged an’ he twisted an’ he turned all sorts of weird.
    ‘Cause after ‘em ‘publicans do their thing; he finally disappears.

    An’ they seek him in the conference room, an’ press box, an’ privy,
    An’ seek him up the penthouse, an’ everywhere ‘round the city;
    But all they ever found was a subpoena an’ roundabout–
    An’ Rachel Maddow‘ll get you
    If you

    An’ one time a little girl would always wave an’ grin,
    An’ brag about herself so much, an’ swore she’d never sinned;
    An’ once, when the feds came a knocking, an’ Goldman Sachs was there,
    She mocked ‘em an’ shocked ‘em, an’ said she don’t care!
    An’ just as she kicked her heels, an’ turned to run an’ hide,
    They was Limbaugh and O’Reilly a-standing by her side,
    An’ she may be sittin’ home alone with Bill ‘fore she knows what she’s about!
    An’ the voters may forget you
    If you

    An’ Bernie Sanders says the economics not blue,
    An’ the gas wells sputter out, an’ wind farms go woo-oo!
    An’ you hear the frackers quit, an’ a tea party is Earl Gray,
    An’ the Supreme Court Justices is all squared away,–
    You better mind those who labor, an’ your teachers fond an’ dear,
    An’ do all your shopping on Main Street, an’ dry a ‘publican’s tear,
    Show help for the poor an’ needy ones that clusters all about,
    Or the oligarchs’ll get you
    If you

  3. Here is the skinny on the debates:

    WFTV Channel 9, in Orlando is televising a debate the second week of August. We have been informed that the station “reached agreement” with Murphy and Grayson to keep me out of the debate. As far as we can tell, it’s the only debate Murphy has agreed to. The decision was not based on polling, as I am polling above 10% and neither opponent is polling above 30%. This is particularly important as more than 30% of voters remain undecided and are likely to make up their minds based on the debates and Editorial Board endorsements.

    To say that I am deeply offended would be an understatement. There is no doubt that Murphy and Grayson are well aware of my public speaking skills. I upstaged both of them at the Florida Democratic Party Convention in Orlando last October, as noted by the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times. While the decision to limit the debate to just them was obviously aimed at me, the decision is an utter and irredeemable disrespect to all voters, and to African American and women voters in particular. Patrick Murphy has been exposed as disingenuous and untruthful. Alan Grayson is now dealing with yet another incident of confrontational behavior, as well as allegations of spousal abuse. Democratic voters ought to be informed that they have a choice other than these two men.

    But no matter the issues with Grayson and Murphy, the bottom line is this: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD WHITE MALE CANDIDATES BE ALLOWED TO EXCLUDE THE ONLY WOMAN, AND ALL CANDIDATES OF COLOR, FROM THE DEBATES. This immoral act flies in the the face of the values that our party portends to espouse. That Channel 9 Orlando would participate in such a BLATANTLY RACIST AND SEXIST act boggles the mind. Such decisions not only serve to keep voters ignorant of their choices, but also discourage minorities and women of color from running for high office IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    If you are as outraged as I am about this decision, please let your voice be heard. Channel 9 Orlando is a Cox Media affiliate. The street address is:
    490 E. South St.
    Orlando FL 32801

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