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Some thoughts about the national picture

Joe Biden has been elected as President and we made history electing the first female President or Vice President in Kamala Harris. But when you get beyond the top-of-the-ticket, November 3 was a pretty bad day for Democrats. This may prove tough reading for some with a narrative, but let’s get down to the brass […]

Democrats Florida failure – part of a national messaging crisis. 8 critical points to discuss

Joe Biden has won the Presidency. But up and down the ballot otherwise, Democrats underperformed. Coattails were non-existent and as the dust settles, the Democrats failures in the US Senate and US House will come into greater focus and be scrutinized. Here are some quick takeaways on messaging and what Democrats need to fix 1. […]

What happened in Florida?

I’ve refrained from covering Election 2020 as I found myself in an unexpected and important local South Florida role with the Biden/Harris Campaign. Sometimes when everything you value as a human being is on the line in a single election, you have to suspend convenience and comfort to try and do a job, which is […]

All this talk about super-voters, 4/4s, 3/4s…What does it mean?

Editors Note: TFS Editor-in-Chief Kartik Krishnaiyer who is on the Biden/Harris Campaign did not contribute to this story For most people working on a political campaign, there is one certainty in politics. Once the polls close, you are no longer employed. As soon as the announcer on the television says “the polls are now closed […]

October 27 Nowcast Video

Oct 24 Nowcast video: GOP advantage in early voting

Early Voting Day 1 – Stalemate in the Sunshine State

Florida Vote by Mail numbers and electoral projections – live updates.

We will be updating this map and associated numbers every time we get an update. Scroll over each county for the current numbers.  UPDATED OCTOBER 18. NOTE THE MAP HAS MULTIPLE TABS. By Tom Arthur from Orange, CA, United States – vote for better tape, CC BY-SA 2.0,

October 16 Nowcast Video: Florida Getting Closer?

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October 15 Nowcast Video: Is it too early to say Blue Wave in Florida?