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The case for Biden picking a GOP running mate – a “unity ticket”

Democratic voters and the Democratic establishment w/ their media allies have decided the party cannot afford to embrace an overly progressive agenda for the 2020 Election. Defeating Donald Trump and holding the US House are the priorities we are reminded on a daily basis. With this in mind I have a suggestion, though I concede […]

Millennials need to vote Democratic in November

By Robert Buccellato  The Democratic party is a large and fractured institution. To believe these divisions can be quickly mended by a balloon drop at a National Convention is profoundly naive. We are approaching an era when the parents vote for party establishment and the kids vote independently. The 2016 election was a revelation in […]

Castro and Maduro obsession while avoidance of similar right-wing abuses among Florida Dems cheapens party’s brand

This past five days we have been subjected to some of the most disingenuous moral outrage by Florida Democrats imaginable. Seemingly in reaction to Bernie Sanders comments about Fidel Castro on 60 Minutes, Florida Democrats much like last year’s race to look more anti-Maduro than the GOP piled on. Interestingly they did not take such […]

How MSNBC and CNN are helping spread Russian disinformation

Des Moines Precinct 14. This precinct has become synonymous with the problems that occurred in Iowa a couple of weeks ago. Elizabeth Warren, receiving 19 votes less than Bernie Sanders, wins one more state delegate in the precinct. And yes, the Iowa Democratic Party have called the results official, and these errors have helped determined […]

By Kathryine Gypson (VOA News) -, Public Domain, zd g dzgggg

Bloomberg doesn’t expand the electorate for Democrats. He shrinks it.

Over the last four years, this simple question has been overlooked. Yes, many political pundits and consultants pontificate as to which candidate for president is “electable”, but they rarely ask this question within that context. Additionally, when asked this questions, many pundits and consultants stay within their silos, and only look at possible upward mobility, […]

The narratives about both Biden and Sanders are biased. “Fresh faces” not getting the scrutiny of Septuagenarian male candidates.

Writers note: This piece isn’t an endorsement of Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, nor intended as a negative hit on any other Democratic candidate for President. It is a piece of historical analysis and perspective I feel needs to be written. It does not reflect the views of any other writer who has published on […]

Do not be fooled: Attacks on Iowa and New Hampshire are an establishment elite play to control nominating process

In recent months, I have been fairly critical of Bernie Sanders supporters despite agreeing with Senator Sanders ideology.  I have been put off by those who intolerantly claim anyone not backing their candidate is somehow the handmaiden of the establishment or corporate America.  However, I once again find the Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporting left […]

Has the left betrayed MLK’s legacy?

Dr. Martin Luther King was a polarizing figure who brought out the best and worst in America. Eventually, the better angels of our nature prevailed and monumental legal progress was made through historic legislation. Socially, we are a far more integrated society than we were in the 1960s. Racism remains across the racial spectrum, but […]

The view from 30,000 feet: Democratic Presidential field underwhelming

With less than a week to the Iowa Caucus and while we sit through a Senate trial of an impeached President, it’s time to take stock of the Democrats running for President. For the record I believe each of the potential nominees would deserve the support of the American people in the General Election. But […]

In 2020, the GOP holds the slightest of edges in Florida

The common narrative among activists and those who are hopeful that Democrats will win Florida in 2020 is that President Trump is so unpopular and demographic shifts will deliver the state to the Democratic Presidential nominee. But the problem is Trump isn’t as unpopular in the state as many Democrats think (particularly among those most […]