Florida Vote by Mail numbers and electoral projections – live updates.

We will be updating this map and associated numbers every time we get an update. Scroll over each county for the current numbers.  UPDATED OCTOBER 18. NOTE THE MAP HAS MULTIPLE TABS.
By Tom Arthur from Orange, CA, United States – vote for better tape, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5131677


  1. this map would be much more useful if the graphic compared 2016 D voting. i.e., what I really want to know is – how much higher (or lower) is day 1 to day X voting numbers in 2020, compared to the same days in 2016. Greatly increased D turnout may suggest a D victory in 2020. As it is currently, composed, I am unable to figure out what the different colors mean.


    1. I don’t have daily turnout numbers from 2016. Otherwise I would do it.

      However, from my memory, Democrats and Republicans usually run neck-and-neck in VBM numbers early on in the process. Usually around 40% for both Democrats and Republicans, with 20% for the others. NPA/Others numbers are at 20% right now, so nothing has change. The big shift is that Republicans aren’t submitting ballots.


  2. musings780 · ·

    Rs have been told to distrust mail in. Ds have been encouraged to use it. Probably get a better feel after early in person voting


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