Crist property insurance ad should put DeSantis on the defensive

Unfortunately, due to funding issues much of Florida has not seen this ad, which is well done from the Crist campaign and properly put in context the property insurance situation then (when Crist was governor) and now (when Ron DeSantis is governor). The ad has been running for almost two weeks but again, is getting limited airplay and coverage due to being drowned out by RPOF and DeSantis spots.

This issue is ultimately the winning ticket for Crist, and as Floridians deal with insurance hassles in the wake of Ian, it might just resonate.

In the spot Crist says the following:

“Ron DeSantis wants to strip away your right to abortion, even for victims of rape or incest. He’s let home insurance rates skyrocket, and he’s raised taxes on Floridians by $1 billion.”

 “When I was your governor, we reduced insurance rates by 10 percent and cut property taxes by over a billion dollars. I trust the women of Florida, and you can trust me to defend your freedom to choose, to take on big insurance companies, and to lower costs for you. Ron DeSantis won’t do it, I will.”

The full ad is below:

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