Why are Florida Republicans ignoring the housing crisis?

While Governor Ron DeSantis plays performative artist, pushing bans on reproductive freedom, attacking the LGBTQ+ community, personally drawing a partisan reapportionment map and undermining workplace safety and freedom of speech, he’s ignored the raging housing crisis in the state.

The cost of living has increased as has property insurance and especially rent. But the GOP legislature, true to its multi-year form ignores anything that has to do with the plight of Floridians who aren’t part of the donor class or hire expensive lobbyists, while the Governor is too busy playing god to notice.

I’ve often criticized Democrats of late for being too donor class-driven themselves, an inevitable consequence of the neoliberal takeover of elements of the national party. But Democrats here in Florida are speaking out and putting pressure on the majority party in the legislature to take action.

“When it comes to trying to put money back in people’s hands to go towards things like rent, things like essential goods, what we’re seeing are Republicans at every level of government drag their feet, and if anything, actually judge and shame and want to tax, the very people who need this support,” said Rep. Anna Eskamani . We discussed this issue at length with Rep. Eskamani, three weeks ago during our inaugural Squeezing Tallahassee Twitter Space.

Make no mistake, the affordable housing crisis is affecting Democrats and Republicans alike…But the people, the GOP in control, they do not care. The Florida senators that we have elected at the federal level, consistently put their own political agendas ahead of the needs of Floridians. And we — Democrats and Republicans, no party affiliates, whoever — are paying that price,” said Rep. Dotie Joseph .

With the Florida Legislature’s leadership in a mood to rubber stamp anything Governor DeSantis says or wants, having effectively ceded authority to him, it’s now up to him to step up. Floridians need the relief but don’t hold your breathe, as DeSantis is probably off demagoging the latest invented culture war issue at this very moment.

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  1. Republicans foicus on enriching themselves and their cronies.


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